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My sources

I thought I should site my sources and say a special thanks to the sites I found most of my pictures and info on, in case anyone was wondering.

1. www.photobucket.com/aussiemileyfan - for a lot of pictures and the info about Invisible. She knows a ton about Taylor and has a tons of photos and videos of her not only on her photobucket but on her two youtube accounts, her myspace and her facebook as well and she's really nice!

2. www.darkbluetennessee.com - for pretty much all of the rare song info. The site has closed down, but when it was active Steve, the owner, was a great source of information about her unreleased songs and album demos.

3. www.taylorpictures.net - for some of the pictures, they have the most I've ever seen of her at over 98,000!

4. www.internetarchive.org - for a lot of old pictures, articles and info. Mostly the archives of Taylor's website where I was able to find a lot of old pictures, articles and info. It's also useful for finding things about her on other websites too, such as big machine's website.

5. www.photobucket.com/xoangel173 -  for a few especially rare pictures as it was Taylor's personal photobucket account. She hasn't used it since 2007 but all the pictures can still be viewed publicly.

6. google, wikipedia, youtube etc. for everything else. I find search engines and other sites where you can research things extremely helpful as well as TC (Taylor connect, the forums on her website), taylorswiftweb.net (her first and I believe official fan site) and WAIB (the Who I've always been forums www.whoivealwaysbeen.webs.com) where I get all my Taylor news, videos and articles about Taylor's life. I'd also like to thank anyone who's added pictures or given me info about any of my pictures as well as Taylor herself who of course inspired the site and has also been a huge source of information about herself. :) ~ ♥Alyssa

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