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Here's a list of all the songs I know of written or co-written by Taylor: (not including ones that haven't been confirmed, her joke songs like Thug story, Monologue song etc. or songs she sings but didn't write) and everything I know about each one of them. (212 total) I have also added additional information such as which versions are available and which are in circulation (a lot of people have them) and/or leaked (they're all over the internet) to help those who trade for her rare songs. If you don't trade, just ignore that. I also list which versions of which songs I have (I have everything in circulation and a few more so I can confirm songs for people too with just a short clip) and weather or not I have clips, lyrics or an alt version or remix so that other traders know in case they want to trade. I trade and do not share or leak. My youtube channels are Teddyiscute and Fearlyssme if you want to check out my videos. :) ~ ♥Alyssa

Key: •= I've heard it; likely in circulation or leaked *= available in PQ (perfect CD quality, which means it's very clear, came directly off of a CD, has a bit rate of 360 and a file size of 6-9MB. They can be faked though so I can help you determine if yours is real if you're unsure) For released songs I only starred those whose demos are available in PQ. All unstared unreleased songs or album demos are LQ-HQ = I haven't heard it and don't know much about it. Black = not rare (either released or leaked. If you wanted to post them online no one would really care as everyone's heard them, although it is still technically illegal and may be taken down or muted even if the song is released) Brown = in circulation (a little bit rare but people have them. Not okay to post online) Navy = Sony song (illegal to have right now, very rare, I haven't heard it, definitely not okay to post online. There were more in this category but they leaked) Red = Never before heard by any fan to my knowledge, only by record label execs I'm assuming if they were even recorded which they may not have been. (extremely rare but if you were to get one of them again, they're definitely not okay to post online)


Unreleased (2002-2014; 114 currently listed):


Aching Like a Boy (Swift/Rose) ?

*Note: I've also seen this song registered as Acting like a boy so that may be the actual title. Not much is known about this song except that she never actually made a demo for it. That doesn't mean it wasn't recorded but if it was it wasn't recorded professionally, maybe she just did a rough demo with Liz or on her phone as she does with most of her songs. It's among 23 that were listed in red on Darkbluetennssee.com meaning that not even Steve (the owner of the site) has heard. (which means pretty much no one has because he's got the biggest collection of any fan that I know of). These are the ones in red that have question marks next to them that I describe as extremely rare.

All Night Diner (Swift/Rose) •

An acoustic song where she reflects on what it would be like if she wasn't with her boyfriend. She'd be a lonely stranger in an all night diner. She was probably 15 when she wrote this (so I'm assuming it's about her first boyfriend) although she sounds young I think.

American Boy (Swift) •*

An early song featured on it's own demo CD as well as her Volume two demo CD issued in 2003. It leaked years ago along with the the others on her first Demo CDs. It's about a boy (who I'm assuming she made up) living the American dream. She even mentions a street similar to the one she actually lived on at the time. haha

Angelina (Swift) •

Acoustic, written about a girl who is very different from her and who might've been dating a guy she liked when she was probably 13 and still lived in Pennsylvania.

Babe (Swift/Monahan) ?

A song Taylor wrote with Pat Monahan from Train. I don't know much about it. Just that it was discovered on one of her lists in January 2013 and it was written for for Red. I don't know anything else because no one's ever heard it.

Beautiful day (Swift) ?

A song she wrote when she lived in Pennsylvania when she was probably 12 or 13 about her two friends who were dating. I just found out about this (I read in an article that she was singing it in an old home video. I posted it in scans) and I thought that was so cute. I don't know anything else about it as it's not a song any fans have heard but I'm hoping it's in one of the home videos we have of her that don't have sound or that the video will be released in some TV special or something (hopefully with sound) if it's not one we have because I want to at least hear a clip or try to figure out what a couple of the lyrics are because it's something we've never heard and there's a video of it.  

Being With My Baby (Swift/Beavers) • *

There are two versions, both acoustic but one was done in a studio (although I think they both were) so it's referred to as studio. The acoustic one sounds a little more rough and is more often found online than the studio version. They are both in circulation. She also sold it to Australian country singer Shea Fisher who released a version of it on her album Shea. Only the acoustic version (not the acoustic in a studio) is available in PQ. It's about how nothing's quite like being with her baby. I think she was about 14 or 15 when she wrote it so she may not have even had a boyfriend yet at the time and it might not be about actual experience or could maybe be about her first boyfriend but it's cute either way.

Better Off (Swift/Orrall) •

A studio song about wanting to date a guy that her friends didn't approve of. I think it could be about the same guy she wrote Picture to burn about (who she never officially dated) and was probably written in 2005.

Bother Me (Swift) ?

It's more recent than most of the others, probably a Speak now cut. I don't know anything else about it though as it is so rare and I've never heard of anyone who has it or even knows anything about it.

Boys and love (Swift/Burke-Green) ?

It's more recent than others, probably a Speak now cut (I'm assuming it was cut because it has a co-writer) and although it doesn't say she wrote it on her BMI list, it says she's a performer and judging by the title (those are the two things she even said once that she wrote the album about. As per usual) I think she did, especially considering she writes almost all the songs she sings anyway. I don't know anything else about this song though because it's one that I don't think anyone's ever heard.

Brand New World (Swift) •

An acoustic song written when she was 12 or 13 about how she's living in a brand new world because she's living just a day at a time and someday she's gonna fly.

Break burn inhale (Swift/Tramaine)?

Taylor collaborated on a song called Break burn inhale with T Pizi (aka Playboy Tramaine)! I have no idea who that is lol or if it’s actually new but it’s new to me and I’m assuming almost everyone else and although there’s been no official confirmation that it’ll ever be released it was registered so it’s completely legit and does in fact exsist. So maybe that means we’ll get a Collab in the near future?

Brought Up That Way (Swift/Hyler) •

There are three known versions of this song. The popular leaked studio version, the acoustic version (which is exclusive property of Sony and not in circulation), and the duet version which is also not in circulation. It's about a girl named Emily who was raised by her single father after her mother died when she was young. I believe she wrote it about Emily Harding, a girl she went to school with who died in a boating accident in 2005, although I don't believe she knew her (as Emily was a few years older than her) so I'm assuming the storyline (aside from her mom dying and being raised by her dad) is made up. She even changed it from a boating accident and had her live in the end, similar to the happy ending she gave to Romeo and Juliet in Love story.

By the Way (Swift / Beavers/Ruttan) •

An acoustic song about seeing an ex for the first time in a while out with another girl. Still not sure which ex that was but I'm thinking either her first boyfriend or the guy she almost dated who inspired Picture to burn. May or may not have been sold to singer Jordan Shellheart. I don't think it was but she covered it once.

Can I Go With You (Swift/McElrath) •

One of the first songs she ever wrote about a young girl wishing she could go with her father when he goes off to war. I'm not sure why she'd write a song like that seeing as her dad was never in the army but on her old website it credited her with co-writing it. It was on her demo CD (the newer version with the songs she wrote on it. I'm not sure that it's available in PQ though as it was a low quality home made CD and I've never found a PQ version. So it may just be available in HQ as seems to be the case with one of the versions of Lucky you) and is still available off her website for download if you go to the internet archives and go back to late 2002.

Castles Crumbling (Swift) ?

It's somewhat more recent than others; again, probably a Speak now cut. Still one of her rarest though, so not much more is known about it since no one that I know of has ever heard it. To me though, it sounds like it would be sad.

Check Out This View (Swift/Rose) •

An acoustic song about wishing her boyfriend could see what she sees when she looks at him. She was probably 15 when she wrote it which makes me think it's about her first boyfriend but I don't know.

Closest To a Cowboy (Swift/Vaughn) •

An acoustic song about a cowboy she dated and how he broke her heart so now snap buttons on a denim shirt is the closest you'll see her to a cowboy. She was 14 when she wrote it though, so she wasn't actually dating yet and therefore must've just made the story up.

Cross My Heart (Swift) •

An acoustic song she wrote when she was 12 or 13 about wishing for a relationship with someone.

Dark Blue Tennessee (Swift / Orrall) •*

A song about the heartbreak of two people who are too proud to say they still miss each other. A Fearless cut. This popular song was written around late 2007 and has since leaked. There are two versions; studio and piano. They're very similar but I believe only the studio one leaked. It's hard to tell but they are definitely both in circulation. It was even featured on it's own demo CD in March 2008 so they're both available in PQ. I'm not sure if it's about people she knew or just something she made up but I'm leaning towards the later and I think she came really close to releasing it (it was on a list of songs she was planning on putting on Fearless as of late 2007) and probably decided not to maybe in favor of White horse since they decided to use it on Grey's anatomy but maybe earlier, I don't know.

Diary of Me (Swift/Brophy/J. Vassar) •*

A studio song she wrote when she was probably about 13 that's about herself and who she is as a person. If a guy's going to date her then they should know that what they see is what they get. She's like an open book.

Didn't They (Swift) •

Written about the 9/11 terrorist attacks when she was probably 12. It's acoustic and probably one of her earliest songs. I'm assuming since she wasn't writing songs yet when she was 11, she wrote it a year later when she was 12 probably just looking back on it but she also could've taken the poem she wrote about it when it happened and turned it into a song once she started writing songs months later. I'm not sure but I think probably the first one as it makes more sense to me but she did write a poem about it when it happened.

Don't Hate Me For Loving You (Swift) •

An acoustic song about fighting with the people you love. She sounds young like she was maybe 12 or 13 when she wrote it.

Don't You (Swift/James) ?

Another one of Taylor's rarest songs. Since pretty much no one has this song, nothing is known about it.

Down Came the Rain (Swift/Ruttan) •

She co-wrote it but doesn't sing it, her co-writer Derric Ruttan does although it's still told from her point of view. It's in circulation, acoustic, and it's about a relationship ending and how heartbreaking it is seeing them with someone else. It's like an emotional thunderstorm where there's nothing but rain pouring down on you. She wrote it when she was probably 15 and I'm pretty sure it's about the same guy as By the way seeing as they both have similar themes and were written with the same co-writer.

Drama Queen (Swift/Johnson) ?

It's somewhat more recent than most of the others; probably a Speak now cut. She wrote it with Martin Johnson, the lead singer of Boys like girls. It's extremely rare though. I don't think anyone has it so it's therefore out of circulation so I don't really know anything else about it but it was first discovered on one of her song lists in June or July 2009 I believe so it was written sometime before that but it's unknown exactly when it was written as she's known Martin since late 2007 and started writing with him sometime after that, in 2008 I believe. It was rumored that they dated around that time but I think they were just friends since she kept writing with him at least up until 2009 as they wrote not only this song together but also You'll always find your way back home, Two is better than one and If this was a movie. Based on the title and  the time period it seems to have been written in it makes me think it could be about Camilla Belle but that's just a random guess. I have no idea and I don't know of anyone who does.

Fall Back On You (Swift) •

An acoustic song about a guy she keeps falling back on and he keeps falling back on her. She sounds about 15 in it but I don't know who it's about because I don't know of any on again, off again relationships that she had at the time but I don't know, maybe it's made up or was written about someone else.

Firefly (Swift / Harrington / Pierce) •*

An old acoustic song written about a firefly, or maybe a guy that she compares to one. She was 14 I think when she wrote it because I found out it was actually put on a demo CD that year, meaning it's probably available in PQ but I've yet to find that version of it.

Foolish One (Swift) ?

There is no known info on this song, it's out of circulation and no one has it.

For You (Swift) •

Written about thanking someone who has always been there for her. Featured on her Volume two demo CD that she gave out (with a volume one I'm assuming) in 2003.

Gracie (Swift / Rose) •

An acoustic song written about a little girl named Gracie Johnson who has cancer. She met her on a plane in early 2005. For the privacy of her and her family, it shouldn't be spread online but the good news is Gracie has been in remission for years and is still alive today at 14. She even kept in touch with Taylor at least through 2007 (I have a picture of them together from that year) and she was talking to her on her 18th birthday in the beginning of the Beautiful eyes music video.

Her (Swift/Rose) ?

One of her rarest songs, I don't know anything about it or anyone who has it and it's out of circulation. 

His Lies (Swift) ?

Another song I know nothing about. No one has it (that I know of anyway) and it's out of circulation.

Honey Baby (Swift) •*

A cute little acoustic song about her liking a guy and wanting to date him back when she was 12 or 13. It's on her Volume two demo CD.

I bet you think of me (Swift/Mkenna) ?

An unreleased song that was discovered in October 2011 on one of her lists. I assume it was a Red cut. Other than that I don't know anything about it since it seems to be one of her newest and rarest songs and no one's heard it. If I had to guess I'd say it's probably about Jake Gyllenhaal though. haha

I Can See You (Swift) ?

This song is one of the rarest and is out of circulation. I've never heard it and I don't know anybody who has so I have no idea what it's about.

I'd Lie (Swift) •

About a guy named Grant Wood that she was friends with and had a crush on in10th grade. I found this out by reading her old myspace comments to her friends and realizing that she wrote one about not knowing he could play guitar and then I looked further into it and realized that not only can he secretly play guitar (and she's not the only person who didn't know so that line makes a lot of sense haha) but he does in fact have a sister (who is in fact beautiful) and his mom was an English teacher at their high school just like Taylor said so although I don't know his birthday (which I can only assume is the 17th lol) or what his dad's eyes look like (although I have seen a picture of him wearing green haha), I'm still pretty certain the song is about him. She played it at her school talent show in 2006 (with him there!) shortly before leaving school (she wrote it in March and performed it either later in March or in April) and it became a fan favorite although it was cut from Taylor Swift and Fearless and will probably never be released due to the fact that it was a bonus download for those who bought her first album during it's first week at Best Buy.

I Know What I Want (Swift) •

A song about a guy she discovered wasn't her type. I'm pretty sure it's about the guy she wrote Picture to burn about who she almost dated as well as many other unreleased songs of hers. 

I'm Looking Out For You (Swift) (I have the lyrics) ?

I've seen the lyrics and I think it's about Gracie who she wrote the song Gracie about. It's kind of old, I believe it was a fearless cut. (by the way, the lyrics are in an old picture from her room taken in late 2007) Despite the fact that the lyrics are readily available to the public, it's still extremely rare. In fact, not only have I never heard of anyone hearing it but I don't even know if she ever recorded it.

In the Pouring Rain (Swift) • *

An old acoustic song about how the pouring rain changes everything. It was featured on her Volume two CD (from 2003) but came into circulation before a lot of the other songs on the CD. This was also the case with American boy, For you, Honey baby and Live for the little things. All the others (although there were short clips of three of the songs in TV documentaries made about her) leaked a year or two later.

I Used to Fly (Swift) •*

An acoustic song she wrote when she was 12 or 13 about how sad she would get sometimes and remembering how she used to fly when she was happy.

I Wished On a Plane (Swift/Laird) •

An acoustic song about thinking she must've accidentally wished on a plane thinking it was a star after a relationship she was in didn't work out. She was probably 14 or 15 when it was written so it's likely made up but still a cute regardless.

Just South of Knowing Why (Swift/Orrall) •

A studio song about a girl (not her I'm assuming as she couldn't drive yet at the time so I guess it's just about a girl she knew or made up) who just wanted to forget her troubles and drive all night, just south of knowing why. I think she wrote it when she was 14.

Kid in the Crowd (Swift) ?

Written about seeing a Lee Ann Rhymes concert when she was I think 8. She said in 2005 (on the day she signed her record deal since that was the day she was interviewed for an issue Searay living magazine that came out in 2006) that the idea behind it was that for ever big star out there there's a kid in the crowd who wants to make it big and become famous like them. Nothing is really nown about it other than that as it is out of circulation and extremely rare. I've never heard it and I don't know of anyone who has, I don't even think it was registerd like most of her other songs are. I only know about it because it was mentioned it in that article. She was proabably 12 or so when she wrote it as she said it was one of the first songs she's ever written.

Let's Go (Swift) ?

Another song that was listed in red on DBT meaning it's really rare and hardly anyone's heard it so I don't have any info on it. Like almost all the other songs listed in red on here, I only know about them because they were found on a list of hers. They otherwise wouldn't be known to the public because they haven't leaked like her other unreleased songs. They're most likely songs she considered for her albums that didn't make the cut.

Live For the Little Things (Swift) •*

Written when she was 12 or 13 about living for the little things in life like quiet winters and leaves that always fall. It's one of the songs on her Volume two demo CD that was already in circulation before most of the CD leaked.

Long Time Going (aka Long time coming - Swift/Warren bros.) •

A song about a relationship ending and how she should've known because she was young and naive and it was a long time coming. This song is commonly known as Long time coming but it was discovered that the song's actual title is Long time going as it was found on one of her lists with that title and co-writers which we didn't know it had.

Look At You Like That (Swift/Rose)

An acoustic song about a guy who broke up with her and tried to tell her not to look at him like that. I think it was written about her first boyfriend in 2005 but it's hard to tell with her unreleased songs as she doesn't talk about them or give us secret messages for them and you never know when they may have been written although for the most part the unreleased songs of hers that we've heard are Taylor Swift cuts or songs she wrote even earlier than that ranging from 2002-2005. There's very few unreleased songs we've heard that were written later than that (like seriously maybe two) and those are Fearless cuts. To my knowledge no fans have heard any cuts from any of her other albums, only heard of them. But even just knowing the approximate time range of when of her unreleased songs was written (based on how old her voice sounds and when it was put on a demo CD if it's on one) helps me figure out who they might be about as well as comparing them to other songs and knowing the co-writers. The only downside is we never get any type of official confirmation like we do (pretty much since even though she never says they're names we know who she's talking about by the way she describes the song) with her released songs.

Love They Haven't Thought Of Yet (Swift) •

An acoustic song about wanting to have love they haven't thought of yet. Although lately I've been thinking it sounds like she's saying Love they haven't thought up yet and that that might be the actual title but when a song isn't talked about or listed and isn't on a demo CD, we don't really know the title for sure and are kind of just guessing what it is based on the lyrics and are sometimes wrong as we can often be about weather or not there's a co-writer and who/what the songs might be about. There's a lot of unknowns with songs that are unreleased.

Love To Lose (Swift/Rose) •

An acoustic song about ending a relationship that wasn't much love to lose. I think it may be about the same guy she almost dated in 2005 that she wrote Picture to burn about because it has many lyrical similarities to Cold as you which I also always thought was about him as well as other unreleased songs of hers that reference both Picture to burn and Cold as you in their lyrics in more obvious ways.

Lucky You (Swift) •* (I have both versions)

The first song she ever wrote. It's about a girl who dares to be different. It was on her demo CD so I'm pretty sure it's available in PQ, or at least it seems one version is. There are two versions both have been leaked for years although one probably more than the other. You can tell the difference because one sounds like it has more instruments in it (I think that one is the more popular version. Commonly known as the Mr. Mig mix although I believe he mixed both versions) and one of them is a little longer.

Made Up You (Swift/Rose)

An acoustic song about a guy being even better than she could've ever imagined. I think it was written in 2005 about her first boyfriend like many of her other unreleased songs. It's one of my favorites because I can really relate to it.

Making Up For Lost Love (Swift) •

A piano based studio song about two people who are making up for lost love. I think it was written in 2005 and possibly about her first boyfriend although I don't know. Lyrics from it are featured on one of her old tour shirts along with some lyrics from songs on her first album which makes me think it was a Taylor Swift cut.

Mandolin (Swift) •*

Written about a guy who plays Mandolin at Angelina's family bar and grill. Written when she was 12 or 13 and featured on her Volume two demo CD from 2003.

Matches (Swift/Rose) •

I think this one is about the same guy as Picture to burn because of the obvious thematic similarities. It's about her putting all her energy into a relationship and then finally realizing that they're just a liar and a cheater and not the type of guy worth dating. When love hands her matches now, she's gonna burn it down.

Me and Britney (Swift/Vaughn)

Written about her best friend in Pennsylvania Britany Maack. It talks about her and her childhood friend Britany doing everything together until they went their separate ways after Britany moved and how even after everything they still stay friends and always will even when they're old. In the song Britany who moves to Memphis to be with a boy and become a movie star instead of Taylor moving to Nashville to become a singer but in real life Britany didn't move or want to be famous so I think she made that story up especially considering she was probably too young at the time to have run off with a boy. haha Also, she changed the spelling of her name (or at least I think she did but maybe we're just assuming the song title is spelled that way?) and I'm not really sure why that is but it's obvious it's still about her because they were really close growing up (she mentioned her in the thank you note of her first album calling her her first best friend) and her name is Britany. They've reunited a few times since then, and they're actually still friends and have been hanging out more often lately like when she took her to the 2014 Grammy's as her date. I think it's the same situation with Abigail where they used to be close and although they don't get to see each other as much anymore, they're still friends and they hang out with each other every once in a while. A clip of it aired on 60 minutes which showed her playing it at the Bluebird cafe where she got discovered in 2004 (although it's a Sony song and she didn't sign with them until 2005 but maybe she just never recorded it with RCA so Sony got the rights to it?) but she sounds so young that I think she might've written it the year before (when she was 13) like maybe when she was first planning to move to Nashville but before she actually did. I know it used to stream off of her website at some point because I found links to it on the internet archives. They don't work though.

Mr. Perfectly Fine (Swift) ?

Another song that was listed in red on DBT as it is very rare and no one has heard it or knows anything about it. I think it has an interesting title though. It makes me think that she wrote it about being with a guy who wasn't necessarily Mr. Right but was perfectly fine as Mr. Right now. That's just a guess though. 

My Cure (Swift) • (I have both versions)

Written about being so in love with someone that you would do anything to keep them in your life. I think it was written in 2005 about her first boyfriend. It's one of my favorites (the acoustic version especially) because I can really relate to it. There are two versions, an acoustic and a studio. They each have different lyrics. She is more confident and less desperate sounding in the studio than in the acoustic. I have both; they're both in circulation. Another interesting fact about this song is that in the studio version the guitar in one part sounds like the guitar in one part of Long live which is just one of many examples of how she re-uses things in her music like guitar chords, banjo chords, lyrics etc. which isn't necessarily a good or a bad thing, just something I noticed that she does. 

My Turn to Be Me (Swift) •*

Written about being bullied in middle school when she w as 12 or 13. It's an acoustic song (all of the songs on Volume two were although they were all recorded in a studio) featured on her Volume two demo CD.

Nashville (Swift) ?

Written about all her favorite things about her favorite place. It's a Sony song and it's not in circulation so I've never heard it. It's actually probably the rarest song on here that I know of anyone actually hearing.

Need You Now (Swift/Orrall) •*

Written about being totally over a guy and not needing him anymore. Written in 2004 or 2005 I think but I'm not sure who it's about.There is only one known version. It's studio and it's in circulation.

Never Fade (Swift) •*

A song off her Volume two CD that's about a friend who she is worried about and doesn't want to fade away. Written when she was 12 or 13. Like most of her earlier songs though, I don't know if the story is true.

Never Mind (Swift/Rose) • (I have both studio versions)

The first song she ever wrote with Liz Rose when she was 14. It's about liking a guy but never telling him for fear he won't feel the same way and she'll loose him as a friend but considering the time period it was written in I don't know who it could be about. There are three versions of it (acoustic, country studio and pop studio) but only the studio ones are in circulation. Those are the only versions I've heard.

None of the above (Swift/Heeney)

I just recently found this song on one of her lists. It was written with a country songwriter named Micheal Heeney and since she doesn't sing country anymore I'm thinking it was either written for someone else to sing or is old and won't get released now that she does pop but I check that site fairly regularly and only just saw it (October 2015) so I don't know but my assumption is that it won't be making her next album unfortunately unless of course it happens to be a pop song she wrote with a country co-writer but I doubt it.

One Thing (Swift/Rose) •

A Fearless cut. Written about a guy she thought would never leave her in 2005 I think or maybe 2006. I think it sounds like it was written about her first boyfriend but I don't know.

Perfect Have I Loved (Swift/Rose) •

A song about a summer romance that she hoped would last for ever but if it didn't at least she'd know that perfect had she loved. I think it was written in 2005 about her first boyfriend or maybe that guy she almost dated but there's no way to know for sure. It's acoustic and in circulation.

Permanent Marker (Swift/Hanson/Brophy) •*

As she says it's about having a boyfriend who has an ex girlfriend who doesn't know she's an ex girlfriend. A Fearless and possible Taylor Swift cut (written in 2005 I believe but maybe 2006. It's hard to read what it says on the demo CD) that she has since sold to a young singer named Mary Sarah although she didn't end up releasing it either. Live versions from 2007 with added lyrics have become very popular. It was before these many live performances that she explained what it was about and said she was going to put it on her second album (Fearless) so I think she was seriously considering releasing it until shortly before the album was released when she either decided it didn't fit the theme or opted for newer songs she liked better instead although not Forever and always as she said she just added it onto the album last minute without taking any songs off.

Point of View (Swift) •*

Written when she was 12 or 13 about life and how everyone's got a different point of view. Also off of her Volume two demo CD and in circulation.

R-E-V-E-N-G-E (Swift/Bogard/Stover)

Written about getting revenge on a guy. I think it was written about the same guy as Picture to burn. The song mentions getting revenge by going out with his best friend the way that Picture to burn does. And it was written back in 2005 so no, it's not about Harry Styles like people thought when the clip leaked. lol

Rain Song (Swift/Rose/Maher) •

A song about missing someone and still being in love with them after breaking up. I guess it's called that because she's sad and lonely like it's raining in her life. There's only one version; it's acoustic and in circulation. I think it may be about her first boyfriend but I'm not sure.

Same Girl (Swift) •*

Written when she was 12 or 13 about how she'll always be the same girl. Another song that leaked into the trading world a little more recently than others from her Volume two demo CD.

Scream (Swift/Cantor/Marr) ?

I don't know anything about this song because I've never heard of anyone having it. It's out of circulation.

Smokey Black Nights (Swift) •* (I have both versions)

One of the first songs she ever wrote when she was 12. It's about her time spent at the Jersey shore as a kid and she wrote it while on vacation there in the summer of 2002. There is a second version with an echo but a lot of people just don't know about it or care about havibecause the difference from the original is so subtle.

Someone Just Told Me (Swift) ?

I don't know much about this song as it was one of the ones listed in red that no one has but it sounds like it could be about finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her or something equally upsetting that someone wouldn't want her to know. I really have no idea though.

Someone Loves You (Swift) (I have an unconfirmed clip) ?

I have never heard this song, but I think I do have a clip. (It's from her Speak now world tour DVD bonus footage and there's a rumor that it's Someone loves you but this has never been officially confirmed because there's no proof anyone's actually heard it) It's extremely rare (I've only heard of a few people who claim to have it, even Steve doesn't) and out of circulation so I don't really know what it's about but I do know it streamed off her website in from September 2003 to September 2004 (which also happens to be the exact time frame that she was with RCA, although that may be coincidental. And you can also still find download links to it through the internet archives but they don't work. I tried. :/) and I'd really love to hear it.

Songs About You (Swift/Buxton/Shaw) •*

She wrote this with Sarah Buxton when she was 14 and it's streaming off Sarah's myspace where you can buy it. It's about how she wrote songs about a guy (although she wasn't dating yet at the time) until she was over him. It is available in PQ but that version is rare and there are a lot of fakes. Also, it was the first song she ever performed at the Bluebird cafe during an open mic night there before she did the show that got her discovered.

Spinning Around (Swift) (I have full and clips)•*

A Volume two song that was made popular by a clip of it that aired on TV (her Journey to Fearless Special and her E special I believe before that). It's about liking a guy but feeling like she's invisible to him and loving him has got her cornered, all tied up and spinning around! She wrote it when she was 13 and performed it live at least once (there's a clip of that too). I heard she actually won her school's talent competition (Wyo idol) with it. 

Stupid Boy (Swift/Rose) •

A song about a boy who was stupid to use her and treat her the way he did. She sounds very angry and even swears. The song is acoustic and in circulation. I think it's about the guy she almost dated in 2005 who inspired Picture to burn and a lot of her unreleased songs it seems.

Subway song (Swift) ?

She once wrote a song about Subway because she liked their sandwiches so much. lol I'm not sure what the actual title is or if it was even an actual real song that really needs to be listed here and not just a joke like Thug story, Monologue song, Red shirts kahki pants etc. which I decided not to list but she wrote it anyway and it's not as commonly known as her other joke songs so I listed it. Unfortunately though, as far as I know, no one's ever come across the home video she sang it in (unless of course it's one of the clips we have that don't have any sound. That would be really hard to tell although I've tried to).

Sugar (Swift) •* 

A song she wrote at 12 or 13 about a couple (fictional, I'm assuming) who are very different but have a real life love story type of relationship because he's really sweet to her and calls her Sugar. It's off of her Volume two CD, acoustic (as all the songs off the CD are) and is in circulation.

Sweet Tea & God's Graces (Swift/Rose/Maher) • *

A song about enjoying life's simple pleasures and just sitting in the grass watching clouds pass with a guy you like getting by on nothing but sweet tea and God's graces. Both the acoustic and studio are in circulation but only the acoustic is available in PQ.

Tell Me (Swift / Rose) •

A song written about a guy breaking up with her suddenly just when thing seemed perfect and wondering why wanting him to tell her what it was he wanted from her. Both the acoustic and studio are in circulation. Not sure if it's about her first boyfriend or the guy she almost dated but either way it seems like it was written in 2005.

Ten Dollars and a Six-Pack (Swift / Rose / Maher) •

Written about a guy who ended up not being what she thought. I think this one was written about the same guy as Picture to burn as well. If it is, then it would've been written in 2005. There is an acoustic and studio version although the studio version is just acoustic in a studio so the only difference is that the studio version isn't as rough and is more clear and has a few slightly different lyrics that are barely noticeable. They're both in circulation. 

Tennessee (Swift) •*

Written when she was 12 or 13 about wanting to live in Tennessee. It's an acoustic song from her Volume two demo CD (from 2003) that is in circulation.

That's Life (Swift) •*

Written about how some things just happen that you can't explain but that's life. Another acoustic song she wrote when she was 12 or 13 off her Volume two CD which is in circulation.

That's When (Swift/Warren Bros.)

A Sony song that has leaked into circulation. It's about a guy who won't commit to her and keeps kind of dangling her on a rope and she just keeps letting him back into her life over and over again. I'm not sure who it's about or if she just made it up or something but it doesn't sound like anything that happened with any of her boyfriends as far as I know. At least not before Jake Gyllenhaal but this was written about 5 years before that. haha She does actually sing it despite what I once heard.

The reason why (Swift/Harris)

I just discovered this on one of her registered song lists. It's another song that she wrote with Calvin Harris that Rhianna sings on. I don't know if she or Calvin sing on it at all or when it was written but I found it on December 8th 2016 and it wasn't there last time I checked that site only maybe a month before so it was registered super recently. I know it seems unlikely that she'd release a song written with him or vice versa but often when a song is registered out of nowhere it means it's either been released or is being considered for release. She's more secretive now about where she registers newly-written unreleased songs it seems. Anyway the only other things I know about it are that it's 3:43   

Thinkin' Bout You (Swift/Rose/Chely-Wright) •

A piano demo written about not being able to function or even think strait when you have a crush on someone. She can't walk or talk straight and she's walking into chairs because all she can think about is him. I think she was probably 14 or 15 when she wrote it but I'm not entirely sure who it's about. It's in circulation.

Thirteen Blocks (Swift / Carusoe) •

A song written about deciding what to do in a failing relationship and only having thirteen blocks to make up your mind. This may have been written in 2005 after her first breakup but also could've been written in 2004 and made up, I don't know. It's studio and in circulation.

This Here Guitar (Swift) (I have it in full and a clip) •*

Written when she was 12 or 13 about buying a guitar. I think it was probably her second one because her first one was a gift and a 6-string I believe but she picked out her first 12-string which I think is the one she's referring to in this song but I don't know, she doesn't say. It was featured on Volume two and therefore is acoustic and is in circulation.

This Is Really Happening (Swift/Sanders) •

There is a studio and acoustic version of this song (although they both have the same vocals) but I've only heard the studio version because the acoustic is not only out of circulation but also a Sony song. She sold it to country singer Bittani Hoover who released her own version. It's about a guy who's so great she can't believe their relationship is really even happening. I think it was probably written about her first boyfriend when she was 15.

This One's Different (Swift/Jenkins) ?

Another song no one's ever really heard. I don't know anything about it or anyone who does but it sounds like it's about being in a relationship that's different than all the others before it.

Til Brad Pitt Comes Along (Swift/Lindsey/Mayo) (I have it in full and a live clip) •

This is also a Sony song, however it leaked before all the others and is in circulation and no longer illegal to own. It's about being in a relationship with a guy who she loves so much that it would take Brad Pitt to leave him. It was written in 2005 (and I can only assume about her first boyfriend) which is when she performed it in the live clip that was aired on TV. I think she may have just been by herself in the clip though and not in front of an audience. 

Timeless (Swift) ?

I don't know anything about this song since I don't know of anyone who's heard it.

Too Beautiful (Swift) ?

Again, I have no info whatsoever on this song. I've never heard it nor has anyone else that I know of.

Under My Head (Swift)

A really cute acoustic song about falling head over heels for someone. She was 14 or 15 when she wrote it so I bet it was about her first boyfriend and I really like it.

Unknown (co-write with Justin Beiber) ?

She wrote a song in late August (the 23rd or something I think probably when they filmed their episode of Punk'd) 2011 with Justin Beiber. I don't know what it's called, what it's about or which one of their album's it was written for but it will probably never get released now! haha All I know is that Selena Gomez really liked it and said it was a duet and kind of acoustic sounding which sounds really nice. Although I'm not a fan of his I really wish one of them would release it so I can hear it!

Unknown (co-write with Mac McAllany) ?

I'm not sure if I spelled his name right but I heard she wrote with him so they must have at least one unreleased song that they wrote together before spring 2005 when she signed with Sony because that's when the article that mentioned it came out.. 

Unknown (co-write with Mark Foster) ?

Taylor had lunch with Mark Foster from Foster the people in mid May 2012 and they wrote a song together. I'm pretty sure they did anyway and I think that was confirmed but I don't remember so sorry if I end up being wrong but I believe they did in fact write together for Red although the song didn't make it onto the album.

Unknown (co-write with Max Martin and Shellback) ?

When Taylor got the idea for We are never ever getting back together she said they were in the middle of recording another song. She said she couldn't really remember what it was about but she thinks it was a happy lovey-dovey song about liking a guy or something like that. Not sure who it would've been about because I don't know who she liked at that point (this was sometime in 2011 I think towards the beginning of the year but in February at the earliest because that was the last time she was seen with Jake Gyllenhaal who WANEGBT is about). It was written for Red but it's possible it could be on 1989 because it's more recent than other unreleased songs we know of and was written with Max Martin and Shellback who it has been confirmed that she wrote with for 1989! I'm sure there's others she's written with them at this point that didn't make it onto Red and/or 1989 but since I don't know of any specific songs other than this one I won't list them and if I find any more out that I don't know the title of I can just add them to this one to save space.

Unknown (co-write with Ed Sheeran) (2) ?

She wrote two other songs with Ed (that we know of anyway, there could be more and probably are) around the same time they wrote Everything has changed. One got recorded (and he has it on his ipod) and the other one didn't. They didn't write together for 1989 though, as they felt that would be too predictable seeing as they had just done that but they haven't ruled it out in the future.

Unknown (co-write with Dianne Warren) ?

Dianne Warren confirmed at the 2014 Grammys that she wrote a song with Taylor for 1989 although according to the confirmed co-writers list it didn't make the cut. :( I'm sad about that but excited about the others we do get to hear. The only thing I know about the song anyway aside from the fact that it was written with Dianne was that it was written (I'm assuming) in 2013 and that Dianne said it was a good song which doesn't tell me anything really.

Unknown (Swift/Adams)

Ryan Adams said in September that he wrote a song with Taylor back when she was writing for Red that she never released. I don't know anything about it or whether it has any chance of getting released in the future but it exists anyway.

Wait For Me (Swift)

A song (which is a Sony song but is in circulation) about being in a relationship but liking another guy and just hoping he'll wait for you. It's pretty but it's got kind of an immature concept. haha I'm not quite sure who it's about but maybe her first boyfriend and the guy she almost dated like if she was with her boyfriend and wanted to be with the other guy who she didn't end up dating. I don't know but I can't imagine who else it would be about.

We Were Happy (Swift/Rose) •(I have the piano version)

Written about looking back on a relationship when you were happy. It's studio with Beautiful orchestral instrumentation in the background. There's also a piano demo that's not in circulation although I have it. The piano version is a rough demo that was recorded first and it has some alt lyrics. It was also named Taylor's fan's favorite unreleased song (among traders at least). It's leaked and I believe she wrote it in 2005 about her first boyfriend but I don't know that for sure.

Welcome Distraction (Swift/Warren Bros.) ?

Another Sony song. It's in circulation and is about a guy who she really likes who she tries to fight her feelings for at first but then realizes it's no use and he's a welcome distraction to her life that she wasn't looking for but now embraces. Now that I've heard it I really like it which I wasn't expecting! It's really catchy and country sounding and I like the music! Also, she sings it! I heard once that she didn't sing either Welcome distraction or That's when and I now know that's not true which I am happy about. Also, it's worth noting that I can tell it's about the same guy as Under my head, You do and possibly Made up you which I think is her first boyfriend Drew.

What Do You Say (Swift/Orrall/Petraglia) •*

A song about liking someone who you think likes you too but they're taking it really slow and you just want to be like "Hey, what do you say?" It's studio, very country and in circulation. I have no idea who she wrote it about but I'm pretty sure it was written in 2004 because it was put on a demo CD that year with a place in this world, A perfectly good heart and I'm only me when I'm with you.

What to Wear (Swift) •*

Written about getting ready for a first date (although I don't think she was dating yet at the time she wrote it). I think it's funny that she mentions wearing an Abercrombie T-shirt as she modeled for them right around the time she wrote it (2004) and I believe even sang it when she performed at their launch party and probably even gave out the demo CDs she made with that song as well as others she performed there like Beautiful eyes and I heart ? on it that featured the picture of her from the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog on them.

Who I've Always Been (Swift/Rose/Maher) •

Written about another girl in high school (I'm assuming but maybe 8th grade) who was trying to become a singer but in a very different way. There is both an acoustic and studio version of this song however I've only heard the studio as the acoustic is out of circulation.

Wonderful Things (Swift) ?

Not much is known about this song since no one's really heard it.

You All Over Me (Swift/Carusoe) ?

Another song that's extremely rare. Very few people have heard it but it has gotten around to a few people, myself included. I'd rather not say anything else though for fear someone might use the info to scam someone and because it's still so rare (I'd say about equally as rare as Nashville) but not a Sony song as far as I know, I'm going to keep it listed in red. Because it just doesn't seem in danger of circulating anytime soon but you never know I guess. With it being less protected it could so that could change and in that case I'll just add the info but until then I'd rather not. I will however answer yes or no questions about the length and lyrics to help people who are considering trading with someone who claims to have it, I just don't want a lot of info on it to go public with it being so rare because then anyone could say they have it and be believed because they know things about it and I just don't want that to happen.

You Do (Swift/Rose/Chapman) •

Another song written about not being able to function when you have a crush on someone because all you can do is think about them. You run red lights and spill your coffee in the car because they've got you, they do. It's acoustic and in circulation.

You Don't Have to Call (Swift) (I have an alt version)•

Only 45 seconds long, it's actually a ringtone (released for a Pepsi promotion in May 2006) and not the inspiration for Your not sorry like it was previously thought but even though it's not an actual song I thought I'd list it anyway so that people could find out that info about it so they'd know there wasn't a longer version in existence. It's acoustic but was recorded in a studio and finished and meant to be that short (since ringtones really can't be that long). It's about someone who doesn't have to call her anymore because she's trying to move on so she won't answer it. I don't think it's about personal experience though as the only breakup she had been through at that point didn't even end badly at all. A second version without harmonies was recently discovered (although I'm not sure why they'd make one) and despite the fact that it's not in circulation, I have it. 

Your Anything (Swift) (live version only) •

Written about liking someone and wanting to be anything they want even if you can't be with them just to be a part of their life.The only known version of this was the one she performed live at the NAMM show on January 21st 2005 but since that was so early in the year I'm sure she wrote it in 2004 like she did the other two songs she performed that night.

Your Face (Swift) (I have live and studio)•*

Written about breaking up with someone (although she hadn't had a boyfriend yet at the time so I guess she just made up the story as she did with a lot of her earlier songs about love) and not wanting to lose their face or forget anything about them or the relationship they had. She performed it live at the 2005 NAMM show (and also at a few other places the year before like Bill Anderson's fan club party) but she wrote it in 2004.


Released (2006-2012) (98 currently listed):


Taylor Swift (2006):

Tim McGraw (Swift/Rose) (I have the acoustic and piano demos)

Written in math class about breaking up with her first boyfriend Drew Dunlap in 9th grade and how she hopes when he thinks of Tim McGraw that he thinks of her. Originally titled When you think Tim McGraw. It has a piano and an acoustic demo, both of which are in circulation and also a newly discovered studio demo which I have only know of two or three people having. That demo isn't in circulation.

Picture to burn (Swift/Rose) (I have the acoustic and studio demos; the studio demo is rare)

Written about a guy named Jordan Alford (I just found that out, I guess I was wrong about Sean Schlagenhaft lol but anyway you can find pictures of Jordan and his wife in the photo gallery and an article about them in Scans), who she almost dated around the summer of 2005 who ended up being really cocky and liking other girls (and hitting on other girls, supposedly he kind of left her for a girl named Chelsea who she was friends with who is now his wife and she wasn't happy about it at the time but they're fine now) more than her. I also think several other songs are about him including (but not limited to) Cold as you, REVENGE, Matches, Love to lose and Stupid boy. It was the first song of hers to be performed on XM radio on September 1st 2005 (and it was the studio demo they played, not a live version or the version on the album). There is an acoustic and a studio demo and although I have both only the acoustic is in circulation. There is also an alt version with alt lyrics which is not to be confused with the studio demo because it's released.

Teardrops on my guitar (Swift/Rose) (I have the alternate studio demo)*

Written about a guy she liked in 9th grade named Drew Hardwick. She was actually still 14 when she wrote it. There are three demos. I have the one without Drew's name in it that she tried to sell to The Dixie Chicks. That's the only one in circulation. The regular (and by that I mean that Drew's name is in it like in the released version) acoustic and studio versions aren't.

A place in this world (Swift/Orral) (I have the studio demo)

Written when she was 14 (either shortly before or after moving to TN) about trying to find her place in the music industry in Nashville. There is one known demo; it's studio and I have it because it's in circulation.

Cold as you (Swift/Rose) (I have the second studio demo)

Written about a guy who she used to make excuses for when he didn't deserve them. I believe it was written about the same guy as Picture to burn because she had a good relationship with her first boyfriend Drew and the only song on the album about her second boyfriend Sam (Should've said no) was a last-minute addition. I have the only one of the three demos that is in circulation. It is called version 2. The others are studio version 1 and piano and they're not in circulation.

The outside (Swift) (I have the studio demo)*

Written about being bullied and not having any friends in middle school. She wrote it when she was 13 or 14 (despite the fact that she always said she was 12) on a rainy weekend in January when none of her friends called her and it was featured on Maybelline New York's 2004 Chicks with attitude sampler CD that was released that July. I have the only demo that I know of anyone having although in an article about it Dan Dymtrow (her old manager) did say that it started out acoustic. The version in circulation is the same one featured on the Chicks with attitude CD.

Tied together with a smile (Swift/Rose) (I have the acoustic demo which is rare)

Written about a friend of hers who she found out had an eating disorder. I believe it was Bulimia. I'm not sure which friend but I definitely don't think it was about Abigail because I'm sure we would've heard about that if it was. She said once that she met the girl in 9th grade and that as she got to know her and became friends with her she realized she wasn't as perfect as she seemed from far away (because she was a pretty popular pagent queen that everyone loved and was jealous of. She said all the girls wanted to be her and all the guys wanted to be with her) and she wrote the song the day she found out about her eating disorder because she was shocked that such a pretty girl had such a horrible weakness and when she played it for her after that the girl asked asked who it was about she said "Who do you think it's about?" and she said she doesn't think her friend ever did it again after that. It also says in her Searay living article from 2006 (because it was written in 2005) that she played it for Scott Borchetta for the first time while waiting to sign her record deal at the Nashville hall of fame on August 31st 2005 because she had just recently written it. That happened to also be her first day of 10th grade but I'm assuming she wrote it over the summer. I have the acoustic demo (which I would say is still rare enough to consider out of circulation even though some people do have it now) but not the studio demo as that one is still very rare and out of circulation.

Stay beautiful (Swift/Rose)

Written about a guy named Cory (or Corey, I'm not sure how he spells it because she spells it one way in the lyrics packet and another way in the lyrics on her website) who she thought was cute but never really talked to. I don't think it's about Corey Robinson who she liked in 6th grade though because that was two years before she even met Liz Rose who she co-wrote it with so I think this Cory (I think that's probably how he spells it but who knows) was from high school and I have a theory as to which Cory it was but I'm not 100% sure. I don't have either the acoustic or studio demos because neither of them are in circulation.

Should've said no (Swift)

Written about her second boyfriend Sam Armstrong who cheated on her in 10th grade. It was a last-minute addition to the album (written in early August 2006) and she wrote it in the studio so there's no known demo.

Mary's song (oh my my my) (Swift)

Written about her neighbor's lifelong relationship. Originally titled Oh my my my. I have the studio demo (in circulation) but not the acoustic (with alt lyrics; not in circulation). I believe she wrote it in April 2004 (or around then anyway) as that's when she first moved to Hendersonville and when her neighbors most likely would've come over and introduced themselves.

Our song (Swift) (I have the acoustic demo)*

Written in about 20 minutes for her school talent show (when she was in 9th grade) and about the same boyfriend (Drew, her first boyfriend. She confirmed that was his name during VH1 storytellers in 2012 when she performed it there) as Tim McGraw. There is only one known demo. It's acoustic (but recorded in a studio) and I have it. There are a few barely noticeable alt lyrics in it.


Taylor Swift deluxe edition (2007):

I'm only me when I'm with you (Swift) (I have the studio demo)*

Written about a guy who she was friends with when she was 14 but I'm not sure who it was. Maybe Jeff Lang? There is one demo and it sounds exactly like the released version.

A perfectly good heart (Swift/) (I have the studio demo)*

Written about a first heartbreak although I found out it was put on a demo CD in 2004 so I guess it wasn't written from real life experience. The demo (the only one I know of) sounds exactly like the released version.

Invisible (Swift) (I have the studio demo)

Written about a boy who was a family friend where they vacationed on the Jersey shore where she spent her summers until she moved to Tennessee at 14. He was always talking about liking other girls. There is one known demo and it's in circulation.


Sounds of the seasons (2007):

Christmases when you were mine (Swift) (I have an alt version often referred to as a demo but it was in fact released online around her 18th birthday)

Written probably in 2007 about how Christmas can inspire so many memories. She wanted to write a different type of Christmas song that wasn't like every other Christmas song out there. She said that once. I'm not sure if it was inspired by a certain person but I don't think so because I don't think she's ever had a relationship last that long.

Christmas must be something more (Swift)

Written for church when she was 12 or 13 (which may make it it her oldest released song, even older than The Outside possibly by a month anyway as this was probably written in December and The Outside was written in January) about the true meaning of Christmas.

Beautiful eyes (2008):

Beautiful eyes (Swift) (I have the studio demo)*

Written long before it was released (over the summer when she was 14) supposedly when she was on vacation with her family in Tahiti and performed live at the Vanity fair party in July 2004 as well as at the NAMM show in January 2005 and during her 2008 Stripped session. It's about liking someone and looking into their beautiful eyes.There is one demo but it sounds exactly like the released version.

I heart ? (Swift) (I have the studio demo)*

Also written long before it was released. It's about breaking up with someone and afterwards writing an I heart ? on the back of your hand although she was only 14 when she wrote it (there are actually pictures of her at that age with that written on her hand in the Andrew Orth album) so she wasn't actually dating anyone at the time, just imagining what a breakup would be like I guess. I have the only known demo. It's in circulation and available in PQ.


Duets: (2008, 2009 & 2012):

Best days of your life (Swift/Pickler)

Kellie Pickler sings it and Taylor sings back up. They wrote it together on tour in 2007 when Kellie was going through a bad break up. It's about how the guy she broke up with is going to regret it when he realizes that he had the best days of his life with her. She also got to be in the music video with Kellie in either 2008 or 2009 after it became a single off her album which I think came out in 2008..

Two is better than one (Swift/Johnson)

Taylor wrote and sings this with Martin Johnson of Boys like girls. It's about how being in a relationship is better than being alone and it's on his 2009 album Love drunk. I'm not sure when they wrote it but I believe they met in late 2007 and were writing together in 2008 and early/mid 2009 so probably one of the later dates while they were writing You'll always find your way back home and If this were a movie. They may have also been writing her unreleased song Drama queen around that time. If that's true then I have a sneaking suspicion it's about Camilla Belle. haha The song was a single but she wasn't in the music video.

Both of us (Swift/B.O.B.)

A song about trying top stay strong when times are hard and wishing you could help the people you love do the same. She co-wrote and sings it with B.O.B. It was featured on his 2012 album Strange Clouds but they probably wrote it in 2011. She also appeared in the music video.


Fearless (2008):

Fearless (Swift/Rose/Lindsey) (I have the acoustic demo)

Written about the best first date she hasn't had yet. She wrote it on the road (in 2007 I'm assuming) and wasn't even dating anyone at the time.There is only one known demo, it's acoustic in a studio and it's in circulation.

Fifteen (Swift)

Written in late 2007 or early 2008 I think about her and her best friend Abigail Anderson's experiences in 9th grade.

Love story (Swift)

Written about a guy she liked and almost dated in late 2007 who her parents and friends didn't approve of. She later wrote Tell me why about him and called him a creep in her 60 minutes interview so I guess they were right about him. haha

Hey Stephen (Swift)

Written about Stephen Baker Lyles from the band Love and theft who she once had a crush on I think in 2007 or early 2008 when she was touring with his band.

White horse (Swift/Rose)

Written about the saddest part of a breakup. I thought maybe it was about her second boyfriend Sam who she wrote Should've said no about after he cheated on her but then I read an article where she said it was about the same guy she wrote Love story about which is a guy she almost dated in late 2007. There is an acoustic in studio demo but I don't have it as it's out of circulation. She wrote it in late 2007/early 2008 I think (despite the fact that Steve said she sounded really young in the demo) and she only included it on the album because it was featured on Grey's anatomy because she felt she had enough sad songs on Fearless already.

You belong with me (Swift/Rose)

Written about a guy friend (one of her band members but I'm not sure which one) who was dating a girl who was mean and not right for him. She said he was on her bus once and he was on the phone with his girlfriend trying to explain himself to her because she was yelling at him for not calling her back exactly when he said he would and she said to Liz Rose, "I have this idea, we have to write this song." She said she just kind of "ran into" the story line that he should be with her instead. She didn't actually like him. She said she's never had a crush on any of her band members.

Breathe (Swift/Caillat)

Written about her old friend and ex fiddle player Emily Poe having to leave her band in late 2007.

Tell me why (Swift/Rose)

Written (in late 2007, or by then at least) about a guy she almost dated who kept putting her down. She also wrote Love story and White horse about the same guy.

You're not sorry (Swift)

Written about a guy who kept saying sorry when he wasn't. I realize now that it's about Sam, her boyfriend who cheated on her, because she referred to him during her Fearless release web chat (when asked about Should've said no) as thinking that if he said sorry that they'd be fine again and that's almost an exact line from You're not sorry. Also, she said in a 2007 article that she wanted to put a song about him on Fearless because she wasn't done being mad about that and she also talked in another article about when a guy cheats on you and then says he's sorry and how at first you're like "Oh, look how sorry he is" and then after a while you figure out they're not sorry. That's how I can tell it's about him and not the guy she almost dated as it would at first seem like it is because if you notice there's no mention of cheating in any of the songs about him and the secret message is 'She can have yo'u. It does sound very similar to White horse though which made me think for a while that that song was about him to until I found out it wasn't but I did figure out that The other side of the door is.

The way I loved you (Swift/Rich)

Written about dating someone who's perfect but that you don't really love and wishing they were someone you used to date who was a little more complicated and spontaneous. I'm not really sure though what exactly inspired her to write it as I think it's just a story she and her co-writer John Rich made up but she said he was able to relate to it because he was always the crazy messy one in his relationships.

Forever and always (Swift)

Written about Joe Jonas shortly before he broke up with her in 27 seconds over the phone. It was added to the album last-minute in late September 2008 so there is no known demo.

The best day (Swift)

Written about her mom and how much she loves her and appreciates everything she's ever done for her throughout her life and how she's always been there for her and she's had the best days with her. She wrote and recorded it over the summer in 2007 when she was on tour with Brad Paisley and gave it to her mom along with the video as a Christmas present.

Change (Swift)

Written about being at a small record label and never getting recognized or winning any big awards. It took her a while to write. She finished it the night she won the CMT Horizon award (November 7th 2007) and then recorded it in one take to put it on the album. Therefore, I don't think she made a demo for it.


Hannah Montana the movie soundtrack (2009):

Crazier (Swift/Orral) (I have both studio demos)

Written when she was 13 about wondering what falling in love might feel like. It was later used in the Hannah Montanna movie. I have both of the only known demos. One is available in PQ, the other is only available in HQ but they're both in circulation.

You'll always find your way back home (Swift/Johnson)

Taylor co-wrote it with Martin Johnson although Miley Cyrus sings it. There is no known version that Taylor sings. It's about how no matter where you go, you'll always find your way back home. They probably wrote it in 2008 or so specifically for the movie but I'm not really sure.


Fearless platinum edition (2009):

Jump then fall (Swift)

About the start of a relationship and wanting the other person to just take a chance on you. It was written about Joe Jonas (you can tell because of the secret message) but she's never talked about it other than to say it was her favorite song on the platinum version of Fearless.

Untouchable (Swift/Barlowe/Barlowe/James)

Originally by Luna Halo, Taylor covered this song because Scott Borcetta liked the band so much and later added it to Fearless platinum edition and was given a writers credit because she changed the music so much from the way it originally sounded.

The other side of the door (Swift) (I have the studio demo but it's not in circulation)

Written about a breakup and how she really felt when she slammed the door. A lot of people think it's about Joe Jonas because of the time period it was released in but it's about her high school boyfriend Sam who cheated on her because there's a line in it that's exactly the same as a line in Should've said no and Should've said no was written about him. There is a demo which isn't in circulation but I have it and she sounds younger in it and Steve from DBT doesn't have any songs from when she dated Joe or after that anyway and he has the one for this song.

Superstar (Swift/Rose) (I have the acoustic and studio demos)

Written when she was 15 about liking a superstar. I think it was Joe Nichols because he was born in Arkansas (as it mentions in one of the demos) and was famous in country music at the time. There are two demos (acoustic with alt lyrics and studio; both in circulation) and I have both.

Come in with the rain (Swift/Rose) (I have the studio demo)

Written when she was 15 or 16 about hoping an ex boyfriend would come back, this song was once posted on her myspace and was a fan favorite long before it's 2009 release on Fearless platinum edition. I have the studio demo, the acoustic isn't in circulation. It's not rare (since it's the same version everyone had before) and it sounds pretty much exactly like the released version. In fact, I don't hear a difference at all aside from the fact that the released version might be louder. I think it may have been written about her first boyfriend but also possibly about her second boyfriend Sam, I'm not sure.


Valentine's day soundtrack (2010):

Today was a fairytale (Swift)

Written about dating Joe Jonas in the summer of 2008 and how a regular day can turn into a fairytale when you're around someone you love. I used to think it was written specifically for the movie but then I recently heard that she wrote it the summer before (which would've been 2008 because they were already filming it in the summer of 2009) meaning she had to have written it about Joe Jonas who she was dating at the time. She also wrote Jump then fall about him around the same time. It's funny how they both ended up on the soundtrack. I also heard she filmed a music video for it that never got released and there is a tweet about her filming something in January or February 2010 with her band and that wasn't around the time that she was filming any other music videos or commercials or anything. If that's true I hope we get to see it someday!


Speak now (2010):


Mine (Swift)

Written about a guy putting his arm around her and her tenancy to run away from love for fear of getting hurt but still hoping one day she'll find a love that lasts. There is most likely a demo but one has never been found. I never had any idea who this song was about until I heard she met a fan at a college and figured it must've been him because he's not famous and would've been in college like the guy in the song as well as probably having happened around the right time if she were looking at colleges with Austin.Then I found out that that was in 2007 after she played at a college which would've been long before she likely would've written it in 2009 or 2010 so it couldn't be about him. Then I realized that it sounded just like the songs Kiss me slowly and White dress by Will Anderson of Parachutte that are supposedly about her. (just like Mine they both make mentions to a girl who's too afraid to love a guy after watching her parents break up -and her parents were rumored to have been seperated for years and she bought them two houses back in 2011- and one of his songs mentions blue eyes and the 14th floor -which it would seem from the outside that her condo is in in her complex although it's not -  and the other mentions a girl who likes to wear a white dress and a cross like she used to. He says of that song that it's about a girl who likes to wear white dressses which she used to do all the time as dresses are her favorite thing to wear and white was her favorite color. She also wore a white dress in the Mine music video and the Begin again album picture which was the exact one she wore to his birthday party that year. HE said about Kiss me slowly that it was about a friend of his - and he has refered to her as one of his best friends before - but that he wouldn't say exactly who it was about because she's a very well-known person. Mine and Kiss me slowly also both make mentions to the city lights that you can see from her house which you can. He also mentions her showing him around town in the song since she moved there before him and explaing the whole story about her parents to him as sshe mentions in Mine) Other proof the song could be about him is that they've been friends for years and tried dating before (when she wrote Begin again and maybe before that as they've been friends since 2009 and his songs that are supposedly about her were written earlier than that because they were released in 2011) and they met shortly after he went to college and before he moved to Nashville right around the same time she moved out of her parents house and into her own apartment there alone. And he's also not so famous that paparzzi (which she says there's actually not a lot of in Nashville) would really have noticed at the time if they had gone out a couple times. So now I'm totally convinced Mine is about him and I don't know why no one realized this before with his songs about her and her other song about him and everything but the songs about her are really sweet and I totally ship them!

Sparks fly (Swift)

Written much earlier than the rest of the album, (around Halloween 2006 about Jake Owen who she opened a show for that night) there is bound to be a demo, most likely two (one with the released lyrics and music and another with the older music and instrumentation from the popular live performance in 2007) but none have ever been found. She performed it live at least one other time (although there's only a clip of that) and considered releasing it on Fearless but it didn't make the cut so she decided to change it up and release it on Speak now since it had become such a fan favorite and a lot of fans would ask her when she was going to release it. I really like the older version but I don't like the newer version as much.

Back to December (Swift)

Written about breaking up with Taylor Lautner in December 2009 and how bad she felt about it.

Speak now (Swift)

Written about one of her friends finding out their high school sweetheart was getting married to someone else who was horrible to him. She had a dream about one of her ex-boyfriend's getting married after that and that inspired the song as well as the title of the album.

Dear John (Swift)

Written about breaking up with John Mayer after realizing everyone was right about him all along. She mentions being 19 but I think she might've been 20 when she wrote the song. I'm not sure exactly when she dated him.

Mean (Swift)

Written about Bob Leftwitz, (I'm not sure how to spell his name) a critic who used to give her good reviews and then suddenly gave her a horrible one after her performance at the 2010 Grammy's (January 30th) saying she couldn't sing and had killed her career overnight.

The story of us (Swift)

Written about seeing John Mayer for the first time after their breakup when she unexpectedly ran into him at the CMAs (June 8th 2010) and how incredibly awkward that was. It was one of the last songs added to the album, there is no known demo. 

Never grow up (Swift)

Written about growing up and how she's apparently been a victim of it. She wrote it for all the little girls in the front rows at her concerts to warn them not to grow up too fast. It was the very last song added to the album because she talks about moving out in the song and the secret message (and she wrote it that night she did) which she did on July 19th 2010 and I'm assuming that's the reason she said during the live stream on the 20th that she thought there'd be 14 songs on the album as if she wasn't sure yet if it would make it on there.

Enchanted (Swift)

Written about meeting Adam Young and how she was enchanted to meet him but didn't know if he felt the same way. She met him in New York at one of his concerts in September 2009 after they had been talking over emails for a while.

Better than revenge (Swift)

Written about Camilla Belle stealing Joe Jonas from her and warning her there's nothing she does better than revenge. Written sometime after the Jonas brother's song Much Better (which is about how Camilla is much better than her) came out in June 2009 because it was referenced in the song.

Innocent (Swift)

Written about Kanye West interrupting her 2009 VMA's acceptance speech and how she forgives him because she knows he's an innocent who's still growing up even at 32. She performed it at the 2010 VMA's so it must've been written sometime during that year but I'm not sure exactly when because she said it took her a while to write.

Haunted (Swift)

Written about suddenly losing a boyfriend and not knowing why. Although it was never confirmed, I'm pretty sure it's about Joe Jonas. The end of her relationship with him is the only thing that makes sense to me as far as what the song is about.

Last kiss (Swift)

Written about missing Joe Jonas after he left her and how she never thought they'd have a Last kiss. I'm guessing it was written in 2008 (sometime after they broke up in early October and before the end of the year) but maybe later like early 2009.

Long live (Swift)

Written about how much fun she had on the Fearless tour with her band and fans and all the magical memories they made. I think she wrote it right after the last night (June 5th at Gillette stadium) when I was there!


Speak now deluxe edition (2010):

Ours (Swift)

Written about being in a relationship that no one approves of. It's never been officially confirmed but it's about John Mayer. She said it was written right before she tuned 20 which is right around when she started dating him and he's someone people definitely didn't approve of her dating.

If this was a movie (Swift/Johnson)

Written about breaking up with someone and wishing they'd just come back to you like in the movies. Another co-write with Martin Johnson unlike all the others on the album that she wrote by herself. Who inspired it has never been confirmed but I think it was Joe Jonas.

Superman (Swift)

Written about being so in love with someone that you think of them as Superman. This one is also about John Mayer because of the line in it that's the same as the secret message in Dear John and because Superman is John's favorite superhero, something he mentions wanting to be in one of his songs as well.


Hunger games Soundtrack (2012):


Safe and sound (Swift/Civil wars)

Written with the Civil wars (who sing backup) and produced by "T-bone" Burnett specifically for the Hunger games. It's about how Catiniss wants to protect her little sister Prim, Rue and Peeta.

Eyes Open (Swift)

Written again specifically for the Hunger games soundtrack only this time by herself. It's about Catniss's feelings towards the capitol.


Stand up to cancer (2012):


Ronan (Swift/Thompson)

Written about a little boy named Ronan who died of cancer (Neuroblastoma) just before his 4th birthday. It's incredibly sad and written from the point of view of his mother who is listed as a co-writer of the song because Taylor took the lyrics right from her blogs about him. She debuted the song live on stand up 2 cancer on September 7th 2012 (although I believe she wrote it around Halloween 2011) and all the proceeds from the song go to the cause so go buy it on iTunes!


Red (2012):


State of grace (Swift)

A song about falling in love in an epic way. It's very rock inspired and it's about Jake Gyllenhaal as you can tell from clues in the song like the fact that he has blue eyes and is a fire sign. 

Red (Swift)

The title song of Taylor's fourth album Red. It's about a break up that she had really strong emotions about. She called the song and album Red because she sees the strong emotions she sings about in the song as being Red. It's equally pop and country and was written early on in the process before she started co-writing a lot and experimenting with a different poppier sound that a lot of the songs on the album have and according to the secret message it's about Jake Gyllenhaal as much of the album is.

Treacherous (Swift/Wilson)

A song about getting into a relationship that you know is bad for you (about the same person as I knew you were trouble) that she co-wrote with Dan Wilson. 

I knew you were trouble (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song about a guy who she knew was trouble but fell for anyway. Very pop and unlike her previous sound as it includes dubstep which she had never used before.

All too well (Swift/Rose)

A song Taylor wrote with Liz Rose in December 2010 after breaking up with Jake Gyllenhaal. It was originally about ten minutes long when she started writing it during a rehearsal for the Speak now tour but then she called Liz Rose to help her edit it down.

22 (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song she wrote about being 22 and hanging out with her friends Selena, Ashley, Dianna and Claire. She wrote it about spending the summer with them in 2012 and used their names as the secret message. Like WANEGBT it's very poppy and catchy but unlike Fifteen it's fun and happy instead of serious and sad.

I almost do (Swift)

A song about almost getting back together with someone who keeps calling you and asking for another chance. Obviously about the same guy as WANEGBT. *hint hint*

We are never ever getting back together (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

The first single off of Taylor's album Red. It's very different from her other songs because it's so pop but it's super catchy and her most mainstream song yet. It broke the record for the most downloaded song in it's debut week and became her first #1 on Billboards hot 100 pop songs! It's about a guy who she is never ever getting back together with aka Jake Gyllenhaal. haha

Stay stay stay (Swift)

A sweet pop country song about what it would be like if one of her boyfriends stayed. It's not actually about anyone, just something she made up.

The last time (Swift/Lightbody)

A duet Taylor wrote with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol about letting someone into your life for the last time. It goes with the same theme as WANEGBT and I almost do so I'm assuming it's about the same person. *hint hint*

Sad beautiful tragic (Swift)

A song about a sad, beautiful and tragic relationship Taylor had that she was remembering months later while on tour (the Speak now tour I'm assuming). Given the time period it was written in and the secret message, that would mean this song is also about Jake which doesn't surprise me.

Holy ground (Swift)

A song Taylor wrote about Joe after he showed up to her concert in San Diego on the Speak now tour. It's about looking back on the relationship years later and being okay with it. It's pop rock but not as rock inspired as State of grace.

The lucky one (Swift)

A song Taylor wrote in March 2012 while on tour in Australia (where she had Joni Mitchell lyrics written down her arm. That seems to go along with what she said more recently about crying about Joni when she'd drink back when she first started drinking after turning 21 so it would be funny if she wrote it when she was drunk. haha) about a few different people including herself and her own fear about what fame could do to her in the future like it has to other celebrities. I think the main influence was Joni Mitchell and others were probably Shania Twain and Britney Spears (who has a similar song called Lucky) as she was fans of theirs and they disappeared for a while after having a hard time with the media but she won't say.

Everything has changed (Swift/Sheeran)

A duet Taylor wrote with Ed Sheeran on her trampoline in the spring or summer of 2012 while (or just before) she was dating Connor Kennedy. It's a cute acoustic song about wanting to get to know someone you just met better because you like them and everything changed when you met them. She wrote the pre-chorus on her own and then when Ed came over they baked apple pie and she played it for him and they finished the rest of the song together and decided it should be a duet.

Starlight (Swift)

A song Taylor wrote about Ethel Kennedy. She wrote it after seeing a picture of her and her husband Robert at a party together when they were 17 around when they met in 1945. I think I've seen that picture although she never specified exactly which one it was.

Begin again (Swift)

The first song on Red to be debuted on Good morning America. (released to itunes on September 25th) About starting over with someone new after a break up. It's actually pretty country and it's the second single from Red. She filmed the music video in Paris and there are clues that it's about both Jake Gyllenhaal (the old guy) and Will Anderson (the new guy) who she was seen having coffee dates with in November 2011 about 8 months after she broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal for the last time.


Red deluxe edition (2012):


Come back...be here (Swift/Wilson)

A song about falling in love with someone who has to leave. The song isn't specific but I'm pretty sure it's about Jake because usually the bonus songs are written earlier on than the rest of the album and he was visiting thos specific places while she was dating him.

The moment I knew (Swift)

A song about Jake Gyllenhaal not showing up to her 21st birthday party. That was the moment she first knew she wanted to break up with him.

Girl at home (Swift)

A song about turning down a guy with a girlfriend who kept hitting on her. I have no idea who it's about but it kinda reminds me of IKYWT. Although I doubt she would've dated the guy after that because she said she thought it was disgusting the way he was trying to get with her when he had a girlfriend. I'm glad she wrote a song about that because it shows she has good morals and wouldn't cheat with or on someone the way people have done to her in the past.


One chance soundtrack (2013):


Sweeter than Fiction (Swift/Antonoff)

Taylor wrote this song with Jack Antonoff (the guitarist from the band Fun) about Paul Potts who rose to fame on Britain's got talent. She was inspired by his story as soon as she heard it and decided to write it from the point of view of his wife who was the one person who always believed in him. It's featured in the credits of the movie based on his story called One chance.


1989 (2014):


Welcome to New York (Swift/Tedder)

A song Taylor wrote with Ryan Tedder (of One Republic) about moving to New York and how it changes you and inspires you as it seems to have done for her seeing as the song and album are a very different sound for her. It was the second promo single for the album and it came out on October 20th 2014. Personally it's my least favorite on the album but I still like it because I love New York which is where I met her when she announced the album and the music really does sound like the feeling you get from being there.

Blank space (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

My favorite song from 1989 (which is my favorite album so because it's so good so that should show you how much I love this song) because it's so funny the way she makes fun of the media's perception of her and it makes her sound like a ridiculous person who probably couldn't even exist they sound so shallow. It's very fun and has a good beat and a meaning behind it which is that that's pretty much the opposite of who she really is although sadly now that it's become a single people will hate on her for it not realizing that she's joking and being totally sarcastic. :/ I have a feeling it'll be in her new perfume commercial as well as the lyrics which inspired the name of her new perfume Incredible things.

Style (Swift/Martin/Shellback/Payami)

A Miami Vice retro style song about a guy with slicked back hair who acts like a rock star and a girl in a tight mini skirt. I think we all know it's about Harry Styles. lol She said she should've called it "I'm not even sorry" as it's one of the more obvious songs as far as who it's about judging by it's title alone. It's more about how some couples are just classic though and will never break up for good because they never go out of style. It's fun but I don't like the full song as much as I liked the clip of it in the Target commercial and I feel the same way about How you get the girl that was in the Diet coke commercial. The funny thing about it though is that 8 seconds of static noise could be heard from it on itunes in Canada and it was somehow topping the charts before the song and album were even out. lol 

Out of the woods (Swift/Antonoff)

A song Taylor wrote about what a struggle it was to date Harry under the circumstances of both of them being famous and busy and living far away from each other and it mentions a snowmobiling accident that they got into that no one knew about. A line from the song goes "Remember when you hit the breaks too soon, 20 stitches in a hospital room". It's not my favorite and it took me a little while to get used to but I still think it's really well-written and emotional. It was the first promo single off 1989 and came out on October 13th 2014!

All you had to do was stay (Swift/Martin)

A song about a guy Taylor dated (I'm assuming Harry Styles) that broke up with her and then wanted her back but she rejected him because if he wanted to be with her all he had to do was stay. It's surprisingly upbeat considering the title and I was sure before hearing it that it would be a sad slow song (which would've worked for the track 5 tradition) but I still like it because it's very catchy although her voice sounds really strange and almost unhuman when she says the word stay. haha


Shake it off (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

The first single off of 1989. It's about shaking off the haters and having more fun than they are by just being yourself and dancing or doing whatever makes you happy no matter how good or bad you are at it and not caring what other people think because you like it and you're having fun doing it. It's very poppy but I love it because it has such a great message and I don't find it all that generic like other people do because it is still personal to her since it mentions specific things that people don't like about her that she gets hate for in the media all the time it just happens to also be a really relatable message to almost anyone which is why I really like it and it's really fun and catchy and carefree too which is also good. She also premiered the music video along with it at the live stream (which I went to!) and it's hilarious! It's really different for her but it's so funny and she's just being her awkward self in it the whole time and she picked some fans to be in it too so I don't think she's changed as much as we think she has. And also, did anyone else notice the cat shirt she was wearing, the hand heart, the TS and the 89's in the video? I did and I thought that was clever and the fact that she picked 89 of us to be at the live stream too. I thought it was a weird random number at first but now I get it. Taylor is so creative!

I wish you would (Swift/Antonoff) 

A song about wishing a guy would come back to her because she misses him, is no longer mad at him and is sorry for hanging up on him and for breaking up with him in the first place. It sounds sad but it's actually upbeat and I don't get what they mean in the Rolling stone article when they say it's about a guy buying a house next to hers because it doesn't mention that, just that a car drove by and she thought it was him. This was the first song they wrote together after they bonded over the snare drum in it that was inspired by one in a Fine young cannibals song because Jack wrote the track first and then Taylor asked him for it so she could sing on it. They wrote Sweeter than fiction after that and then the other two songs on the album that he co-wrote. There's also a voice memo of it on the deluxe version where she talks about it as well as her process although it's pretty short.

Bad blood (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song about never knowing if she was friends with Katy Perry or not until Katy hired some of her dancers during the Red tour to be on her tour instead. She says she now knows they're enemies and while she hates conflict and avoids her now she felt she had to write about it to get her feelings out but she didn't put a lot of obvious clues in the song as to who it was about (I only know it's about Katy because I remember hearing about that once months before the album even came out) because she didn't want to cause gossip, she just thought her fans could relate it to situations in their own life when they felt betrayed, especially if she put less personal details in it that refer directly to Katy. She didn't want anyone to think there was some big feud or girl-fight going on she just felt the need to mention it was about a girl so people wouldn't just assume that she was just dissing another ex-boyfriend when that wasn't the case (she and Harry are actually friends now) because she knows people's minds will go in one direction (which is the actual phrase she used when talking about it in the Rolling Stone interview and then laughed at her accidental reference to Harry while she was talking about a song that wasn't even about a guy. lol). I like the song personally because I can relate to it and it's surprisingly fun and upbeat for an angry song.

Wildest dreams (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song about how she hopes an ex boyfriend will remember her and the good times they had together (mostly sexual things but the song isn't just about sex) and come back to her even if it's just in his wildest dreams. It reflects her change in attitude towards love and how used to go into relationships optimistic that every new guy she dates could be the one but now is more realistic and cynical about it since it never works out and now thinks instead 'How long do I have before something comes along and screws this relationship up?' although it doesn't specifically mention it that often in the song.

How you get the girl (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song written as advice for her friend's boyfriends abut how to get their girlfriends back after they've made a mistake and they won't talk to them anymore. A clip was featured in a Diet coke commercial. It's really cute and fun and has a good beat to it but I liked it a lot better in the commercial. It seems the ones that were released early were the weakest ones on the album and they're not my favorites like I thought they would be but the album is so good as a whole that I still really like them all.

This love (Swift)

This is the most traditional song on the album because it's the one song on the album that Taylor wrote by herself and had Nathan Chapman produce. It is also one of the only ballads and a love song which there are less of on this album. It's one of three songs that made people at the secret sessions cry (another being Clean) because it's about trying to live without the love of your life after they break up with you and how sometimes if you let someone free they come back to you. She played it with footage of vets returning home at the secret sessions and said she'd love to re-purpose it to honor vets instead of being about her 'little 3-month relationship'. I thought for sure it would be All you had to do was stay (and I definitely didn't think she'd have written that one with Max Martin) by the way they described it but I guess I was wrong. It's one of my favorites on the album because it's just a really sweet sad love song.

I know places (Swift/Tedder)

A dark song about how her relationships now have to be hidden for them to survive. She compares the paparazzi as hunters with cages, boxes and guns and her and her boyfriend to foxes who are constantly running from them because things will turn bad when people find out about them. She talks about knowing places they can hide where they won't be found and the paparazzi won't be able to track them down. I think it's sad she has to live like that and it's not my favorite song on the album but it's still really good and you wouldn't think it would be relatable but it is because it could be applied to any relationship that has to be hidden because of what others might think if they found out. It's like part two of Love story only very dark and less positive. It's not sad or anything though, more just determined to fight for the relationship which is still positive I guess.

Clean (Swift/Heap)

A song about finally being clean of an old relationship that once haunted her and how she is now finally over it. I think it kind of defines the album in a way in the same sense that Welcome to New York does because it's not an album about heartbreak it's about new beginnings and starting over and not needing to be in a relationship to be happy so I think that could be why she made it last and Welcome to New York first. It was one of very few that made people at the secret sessions cry and also one of the few ballads. It's one my favsorites because it's really good although not as sad as I thought, more just positive about finally getting over someone but it's interesting and very well-written. It's a song that normally would've been track five as it's one of the two saddest (which are basically the only ones) songs on the album but I think it makes an even better last song.


1989 deluxe edition (2014):


Wonderland (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song about getting lost in an imaginary world with the person you love. I personally love it. It's my second favorite on the deluxe version and I like the deluxe version songs better than a few on the album (which is a first for me!) so it's still one of my favorites and that's really saying something on an album where almost every song feels like a favorite.

You are in love (Swift/Antonoff)

A sweet love song Taylor wrote with Jack Antonoff. It's about how you know you're in love with someone and they're in love with you and I really love it! It's very soulful and it's my favorite not only on the deluxe version but on the album as a whole (which is my favorite album anyway since I love every song so that's a very high compliment) because it's just so sweet. Lena Dunam (Jack's girlfriend and also a close friend of Taylor's) says that although she and Jack are against marriage if they were to get married they'd definitely have Taylor play it at their wedding. It's got a very "Secret garden" by Bruce Springsteen to it which I think was done on purpose and something else that's interesting about it is that she wrote it about Jack and Lena's relationship specifically (which they didn't even know until after the album came out) and how she hopes to find a relationship like that someday and she also wrote the lyrics to go wth music Jack had already written which she said she thought 'sounded like the way loves feels'. I believe she wrote every song with Jack that way. I know at least I wish you would was and I believe Out of the woods too which is interesting because it's a way that she had never written a song before. 

New Romantics (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

A song about having a cynical view on love and being okay with it. It's very different from pretty much every other song of hers because she's singing about being happy without love and focuses on friendship and how overrated love is and how we just don't need it at all and we can all just be happy and have fun anyway just dancing and being independent no matter how many times we've been heartbroken and upset by love before. She refers to herself and others who share her new view on love as new romantics because it's a new way of looking at love which pretty much everyone else wants. I really like it because it's so fun but I like the other two deluxe songs better because they're about love instead of being against love which seems a bit negative even though she puts a positive spin on it. 

I knew you were trouble (Swift/Martin/Shellback) ?

A song that Taylor confirmed will be on her next album. She wrote it about a guy that she knew was trouble but fell for anyway. I'm guessing it's either about Jake or John. lol

I knew you were trouble (Swift/Martin/Shellback) ?

A song that Taylor confirmed will be on her next album. She wrote it about a guy that she knew was trouble but fell for anyway. I'm guessing it's either about Jake or John. lol

I knew you were trouble (Swift/Martin/Shellback) ?

A song that Taylor confirmed will be on her next album. She wrote it about a guy that she knew was trouble but fell for anyway. I'm guessing it's either about Jake or John. lol

I knew you were trouble (Swift/Martin/Shellback) ?

A song that Taylor confirmed will be on her next album. She wrote it about a guy that she knew was trouble but fell for anyway. I'm guessing it's either about Jake or John. lol

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