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I'm a huge believer in Taylor and am in love with her music <3

I'd love to trade with you if you have any of the song's I'd love to have listed below. Here's what I've got:


All Night Diner (A) Being With My Baby (A PQ & S) Better Off (S) Brought Up That Way (S) By The Way (A) Check Out This View (A) Closest To A Cowboy (A) Cross My Heart (A) Dark Blue Tennessee (S PQ) Diary Of Me (S PQ) Didn’t They (A) Don’t Hate Me For Loving You (A) Down Came The Rain (Derric Ruttan S) Fall Back On You (A) Gracie (A) I Know What I Want (S) I’d Lie (S) Long time Coming (S) Look At You Like That (A) Love They Haven’t Thought Of Yet (A) Love To Lose (A) Made Up You (A) Making Up For Lost Love (S HQ) Matches (A) My Cure (S) Need You Now (S PQ) Never Mind (S1 & S2) One Thing (S) Perfect Have I Loved (A) Permanent Marker (S PQ) Rain Song (A) Songs About You (S PQ) South Of Knowing Why (S) Stupid Boy (A) Sweet Tea And God’s Graces (A PQ & S) Tell Me Ten Dollars And A Six Pack (A) (S) Thinkin’ Bout You (P) Thirteen Blocks (S) This Is Really Happening (S) Til’ Brad Pitt Comes Along (A LQ) We Were Happy (S) What Do You Say (Fast S) What To Wear (S) Who I’ve Always Been (S) You Do (A) Your Face (S PQ)

Album Demos:

A Place In This World (S) Beautiful Eyes (S) Crazier (S) Fearless (A) I Heart ? (S PQ) Invisible (S PQ) Teardrops On My Guitar (No Drew S) When You Think Tim McGraw (P)

I Would Love to Have:

A Perfectly Good Heart (Demo S PQ) Cold As You (Any Demo) Come In With The Rain (Demo A) My Cure (A) The Other Side Of The Door (4:01) Our Song (Demo A PQ) Stay Beautiful (3:33 A or S) Sugar (A PQ) Tied Together With A Smile (3:46 or 3:42) White Horse (3:36)

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Reply Alyssa
4:45 PM on July 17, 2012 
Oh, and I think I saw that video you were talking about but it started in the middle of him talking and I couldn't really hear what he was saying. I did hear him say that she was doing a lot of different things this time though, like writing with different artists and using different producers and stuff to better suit her vision or something like that. :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
4:43 PM on July 17, 2012 
Well, I didn't ride a trolley but it looked like fun. I kept looking at their licence plates to see if I could find the exact one she rode on but I'll have to re-watch the behind the scenes video to see if any of them match. Probably not, I'm sure there's a ton of them. :/ And yeah, I hope that too. Normally I like pop more than country but country is her best writing and vocals and it's what she's known for so I think she should stick to it as much as possible with just a subtle pop sound. I mean, I usually like the way she does pop but some songs are annoyingly poppy and I'd hate it if she started sounding like all the other artists on the radio with super fake sounding sounds with stupid lyrics with no meaning but she's a really good writer and so far I think has only gotten better so I don't think we have anything to worry about when it comes to her not being true to herself. :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
12:52 AM on July 17, 2012 
No, I didn't see that but I knew that anyway, I've heard about all the people she's been writing with but I wish it was all her. Sure, I'd love to check them out and make sure I don't have them on here already or anything, you can just email them to me or something. And no, I didn't go to the resteraunt or anything just the town and I wouldn't have been able to get any pictures anyway because my iPod (which I would've normally used to take them) got wet at the beach the day before and hasn't worked right since. :( I did get a picture in front of the sign to enter the town with my family though, and I saw those trolleys like the one she rode on so it was still fun. :) -Alyssa
Reply Bestofcu
1:11 AM on July 15, 2012 
Reply Alyssa
11:40 AM on May 6, 2012 
Thank you! I I'm really glad you like the site! I work really hard on it. I'm also glad you know her first boyfriend's name was Drew Dunlap because a lot of people think it was Brandon Borello because it was in a book but if you look it up that's not true. She actually dated Drew durring the school year and at the end of the school year when he was about to go to college she wrote Tim McGraw because she knew they were going to break up. I'm not sure weather or not they actually dated through the summer like the song makes it seem, the facts are kinda fuzzy on that. I found him on facebbok though (that's how I knew for sure that was his real name), so yeah, I've seen pictures of him but not with her or any from that time. I wish I had pictures from their prom but the only ones I can find of that are of other random people that were there. Feel free to add any pictures you want (I set it so members can do that), just ask first. Same with videos or info or anything and you can invite anyone you want. I want to make the site as good as possible for other swifties who want to learn about Taylor so the more the merrier! :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
10:11 PM on May 5, 2012 
Hey, thanks for joining my site! :) ~ ♥Alyssa

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