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I first saw Taylor Swift on The Ellen Show, it was her first interview on the show and I can remember being completely in awe, I was twelve years-old. Our Song was the only song I listened to for weeks. I was hooked.

On the 12th of February 2010, I saw my hero perform for the very first time, I left the show with pulled stomach muscles and tears in my eyes. I saw my best friend, my inspiration and the only person I could rely on during high school right there in front of me. It took my breath away.

I saw her again on March 4th, 2012 and this time my ultimate dream was to get into the party room.

On March 7th, 2012 in a different state, half way across Australia I met my idol. She told me I was an artist and that is something I never forget.

Now there's only one dream left! I want to help her compose biography and I know someday, just like March 7th will be a fairytale.

But until then I feel blessed to have meet her and see the evolution that is Taylor. And in honour of my hero and my favourite song The Best Day, my own little girl's middle name will be Day. :)

I am a rare song trade as well!

Here's my list:

All Night Diner

¦Am I Ready for Love


¦Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

¦Being With My Baby

¦Better Off

¦Brand New World

¦Breathless (cover)

¦Brought Up That Way

¦By The Way

¦Can I Go With You

¦Check Out This View

¦Closest To A Cowboy

¦Cross My Heart

¦Dark Blue Tennessee

¦Dark Blue Tennessee (Piano Version)

¦Diary Of Me

¦Didn’t They

¦Don’t Hate Me For Loving You

¦Drive All Night

¦Fall Back On You


¦For You


¦Honey Baby

¦Hopelessly Devoted To You  

¦I'd Lie

¦I Guess I Wished On A Plane

¦I Need You Now

¦In The Pouring Rain

¦It Ain’t You (also known as I Know What I Want)

¦Just South Of Knowing Why (also known as Drive All Night)

¦Live For The Little Things

¦Long Time Coming

¦Look At You Like That

¦Love They Haven’t Thought Of Yet

¦Love To Lose

¦Lucky You (Version 2)

¦Made Up You

¦Making Up For Lost Love



¦Me and Britney

 My Cure

¦My Turn To Be Me


Need You Now

¦Never Fade

Never Mind (Version 1)

¦One Thing

¦Our Last Night

¦Perfect Have I Loved

¦Permanent Marker

¦Point Of View

¦Rain Song


Spinning Around

¦Stupid Boy

¦Sweet Tea and God's Graces


¦Tell Me Why?

¦Ten Dollars and A Six Pack


¦Thinkin' Bout You

¦Thirteen Blocks (Also Known As: Can’t Call It Love)

¦That's life

This Here Guitar

¦This Is Really Happening

¦'Till Brad Pitt Comes Along


¦We Were Happy

¦What Do You Say

¦What To Wear

¦Who I’ve Always Been

¦Writing Songs About You  

¦You Do

¦You Don't Have To Call Me

¦Your Anything

¦Your Face



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Reply Alyssa
8:06 AM on September 9, 2016 
I left you a comment. I'm just letting you know since my stupid website has always had issues letting me reply to comments and sometimes even post them so I wasn't sure if you'd see it. 😑
Reply Alyssa
5:54 PM on December 7, 2014 
Thanks, it was just the live stream so I didn't get to hear the album early but it was still cool. We were the first group of fans to get to go to her NY apartment and I got to not only see the live stream and go to her house for pizza after but also got to pet her cats, play pool, hold her Grammy and pee in her bathroom! haha It was really fun and I barely said two words to her because there were 87 other people around (there were supposed to be 89 of us but one guy couldn't go) and I'm really shy but I did talk to her dad for a minute (who along with a woman named Carly from Taylor Nation really liked my vintage Taylor shirt) and a bunch of other cool fans who I still talk to like everyday on a Facebook page we made. And she gave us hugs on our way in and out and gift bags with seagulls on them that had two Shake it off shirts and one Players gonna play shirt all in different sizes because she didn't know what size we all were and her dad gave us all Red guitar picks at the live stream. It was great! I entered a contest for it and I think they picked me because they have a website. We made a video of us lip synching to Shake it off that her team knows about but she didn't seem to notice although she saw the one the secret session people did. It's really funny though and it's on my Fearlyssme profile on YouTube because I edited it. I'm in it too in two small parts towards the end (and I'm the one at the live stream who was embarrassingly not dancing and who's hair she touched) And it's ok, I have that problem with leaving comments all the time so I just copy all my messages before I post them so I can post them over and over again until it works. But anyway, thanks for the pictures. My screen shots come out bad because I take them with my phone.
Reply Agustkm13
3:53 PM on December 5, 2014 
And you know also the address of Hendersonville? haha. sorry, you for asking too much!!!
Reply Agustkm13
3:15 PM on December 5, 2014 
hey thank you very much, you're the best, really!!!! (:
Reply Agustkm13
7:32 PM on December 4, 2014 
Yes, if it can be both addresses, of the Christmas tree farm and the house in Wyomissing please! thank you in advance! (:
Reply Alyssa
6:12 AM on May 23, 2014 
Oh, cool! Yeah, that'd be great thank you, that's so nice of you! And you're welcome, it's a great story! :) -Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
10:42 PM on May 22, 2014 
Hey, so I saw the pictures you posted yesterday I think and they came from those videos that statexfgrace posted on tumblr right? So I was just curious if you saved the videos or something? I'd love to use them in the video I've been making of Taylor (you know, the one I've been msking for like two years? lol) but it's been taken down so I wondered if you had it since you have screen shots of it. You have seen them right? Or did she re-post them as just pictures? I bought a new DVD about her (I'm waiting for it to come in from Switzerland. Any idea why they would be using British pounds? That was a bit annoying because it made it cost more because of the exchange rate than it would have if they had used their own currency. Are they even allowed to do that? And then it cost a tiny bit more than it even should've with the exchange rate and it wasn't a tax so that was really strange but I don't think that was their doing.) so I'm hoping videos like that that I've never seen are on there but I doubt it since it's unauthorized. I'm just hoping there is so I can add the clips to my video quickly before I officially finish it because I've basically been done with it for a little while and now I'm just working on the titles because I'm adding the lyrics to the songs she's singing in the clips. From the unreleased and cover songs at least because anyone watching it probably knows the lyrics to the songs on her first album and those clips aren't even hard to hear like her old home videos sometimes are. Anyway, that's why I was wondering about the videos because I'd hate to finish it without it in there and then find it floating around on youtube and have to add it in. I mean, I could I guess but I really want to find every video of her singing that I can from before she was famous so that the video is as complete as possible. I mean, it's like 17 minutes long and the quality isn't the best in some parts so I'm not sure how many people will sit through it but it's literally every video out there of her singing before she was famous so it really documents her whole journey to stardom practically from birth so I'm really proud of it. If I don't find the video, I guess I can just add the pictures but it won't be the same. Any idea what she was singing by the way? I mean, obviously they were the songs from The sound of music soundtrack but I'm just curious as to which songs she was singing in which clips and which exact lyrics she might've been singing in the parts you took the pictures from if you can possibly remember that. If the videoshad sound anyway. Thanks! :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Ps. I re-blogged your post about meeting Taylor. ;)
Reply Alyssa
12:47 PM on April 11, 2014 
Since I've tried about 50 times to reply to your comment and it won't let me I'll comment on here. Didn't you post this comment a long time ago? I remember re-watching that video and not knowing what you meant because it didn't mention that it was second grade they just showed it at one point and showed the outsides of her first and second grade yearbooks and only the inside of her second grade one to show that she wanted to be a singer. No class picture for either that I can remember and if they did I probably have it because if that's her second grade picture then I have one too many class pictures so now I'm confused. I think she looks 6 if you compare it to other pictures of when she was 6 but I can't prove what yearbook it was in I guess. And it is weird that it's a picture by herself but the others aren't but I don't know. Is there a first grade class picture that I'm missing and did they take individual pictures of her as well as class pictures every year in elementary school? Because I only found that one.
Reply Alyssa
8:24 AM on November 6, 2013 
I found them yesterday on Aussiemileyfan's (Jessica Cook) Taylor Swift the younger years Facebook page. I was going to label them but I wasn't 100% sure if she was in New Jersey or not but she probably is. And I don't know the red headed girl's name, I wish I did! :) -Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
2:27 AM on October 25, 2013 
It's ok. Which ones are you talking about? I don't think I did. I don't know, the last ones I got from you are from October 2nd. If they were from later than that then maybe you just saved the email as a draft or something instead. I've done that before. I think I uploaded all the ones I got but maybe not, I can only do it when I'm at my dad's ever since my computer crashed so it's possible I forgot some, I'll have to check. If I did I'll upload them and delete any I might have added with the watermark but I found some without the watermark too (or at least one anyway) and different ones from the same photoshoot that didn't have a watermark. I put up those too. They do say Taylorswifties in the corner though so I'm trying to find out what that means and where they came from so I can see if there's any more. If I didn't get them though then just try sending them again. :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Ps. My computer is fixed now so as soon as the internet is working (which is hopefully tomorrow since I've been waiting a week) then I can do all the things I can't do on my phone like add pictures to the site and put attachments in emails and not have to wait to go to my dad's to do it. Plus I can work on my videos again! I'm excited to do that so I can work on the one of Taylor singing before she was famous that I was working on before it crashed over a year ago except for the fact that I can't find any of the videos that I was using to make my videos. But it's just the Taylor ones. The specific ones I was trying to save and the whole reason I wanted the computer fixed in the first place. They said they saved everything but I can't find them and if they're not there then I'll have to start all my unfinished videos again so I might as well have gotten a new computer. :( But everything else is there anyway I'm pretty sure (although I can't find photoshop) so I can still make other kinds of videos and do anything else I wanted to on it and who knows, maybe they were just moved. I'm trying to stay hopeful. :)
Reply Alyssa
6:56 PM on October 24, 2013 
Hey, so I started putting up the Andrew Orth pictures with the watermarks. I've just been excited to get them all up since I started seeing more of them on tumblr without watermarks. That way too you don't have to worry about finishing them. I figure they're small and I can always post my cropped versions instead if I want so it's no big deal. Also, I just found out about an old song she once wrote called Beautiful day about her two best friends who were dating so I'm going to add that to the music section and post that article in scans if you want to read it. :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
10:36 AM on October 16, 2013 
Ps. I'm not saying I don't believe you, I just can't find that video. Is it on here? Also, I moved the pictures you put up of her teachers to Miscelanous. :)
Reply Alyssa
10:21 AM on October 16, 2013 
About her school picture, (since it won't let me reply to your comment) I don't know what you mean. I just re-watched her E true Hollywood story and it's not on there. It does show it in a yearbook in the video where she went back to her school to perform but it didn't say weather it was from first or second grade (it showed both) and it was her music teacher talking, not her second grade teacher (and it was her first grade teacher talking in the E true Hollywood story). Plus I can tell she was 6 because she looks so young. I'd even maybe believe she was 5 but if she had been 7 she would've looked older because she's have been about to turn 8 and I think I have all her other school pictures anyway and she looks older in all of them to me.
Reply Alyssa
10:42 PM on September 26, 2013 
Ps. Do you have better versions of the two pictures from the Patt Garrett video that I added the other day? I took them with my phone off a computer screen because I couldn't watch it on my phone and you can't take screen caps on a computer. :/
Reply Alyssa
10:31 PM on September 26, 2013 
Hey, so I just added like 9 of the same picture to baby pictures (but two are in Miscellaneous) and I was hoping you could help me decide which ones to keep? They're all almost exactly the same because they're the same picture with the same effects on it just cropped differently (the only ones that look different are one I made too dark by accident and the two in Miscellaneous) because there's words on them so I was thinking of keeping more than one but maybe if you could take the least cropped or second least cropped one and get rid of the words like you're doing to the watermarks on those other pictures then I could just keep that one and one of the ones in Miscellaneous because the ones there are the whole thing with the words on it. It was a backstage pass she gave someone during the speak now tour who came to do research on her sound equipment for his blog. I found it because I was looking up her guitars (I'm trying to find out how many she has and so far I've counted 56 but I might've counted a few more than once. I think she has two of a lot of them thought that she brings on tour though and I'm not even sure if I counted all those because she has a lot of new ones on the Red tour I think but she definitely has at least 30 because I counted almost that many before Red came out and now she has more and there's at least 24 in pictures on this site). She actually gave everyone on her crew passes like that. I had a picture of another one on here as well as that one but it's really cropped because when I first found it it had the word sample written across it. That's why I wanted to add it again now that I found a better version. Also, I noticed in the background of the picture there's barn looking doors like in that room from her farm house and she was only two in the picture maybe not even so I think she definitely lived there when she was two, maybe even before that like when her mom got pregnant with Austin or something. I just thought that was interesting because I always wondered when exactly she moved there. :) ~ ♥Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
1:33 PM on September 22, 2013 
Well, I guess I wouldn't need the ones I already have but some that I already have have watermarks or are lower quality than those so maybe send them all just in case. I'll just delete any extras. That way I know everything is the best quality and doesn't have a watermark. I've been deleting things today anyway just because I don't want the site to go down and I have more pictures now than I even did before when that's happened. But I'm definetly going to make sure I have room to post all those so thank you. :) -Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
8:25 AM on September 20, 2013 
And yeah, her old myspace comments are interesting haha but I'm pretty sure they're all real except for the one about getting drunk as crunk because you can tell that's one that her friend wrote and someone just photoshopped her picture over it and added her signature at the end. It's funny to see those now because she doesn't talk like that anymore but I could still see her saying those things because I think privately she swears a lot more and has a dirty sense of humor (like at the VMAs when she said the F-word not knowing that the cameras were on her) and at the time (they were written in 2005 and 2006 even though people found them in 2009 and 2010 - that's why they have more recent pictures of her next to them too) she wasn't famous so she didn't mind using her music myspace to write personal comments to her friends. I doubt she thought anyone would find them and to me (since she only mentions other people drinking in the real ones) they're not that incriminating. Just a couple of swears, nothing out of the ordinary for a teenager. :) -Alyssa
Reply Alyssa
8:06 AM on September 20, 2013 
Yeah, maybe the radio station but usually they talk to her directly so maybe they heard it somewhere and wrote it on their website but it's really just something someone made up. I could see the soda one happening though so I bet that's just something her or her mom told a random fan since we can't find that anywhere. And you're not out of the loop, I just asked you a bunch of questions that I had been wondering for a while because most people probably don't know but I thought you might because you seem very in the loop with rare facts. The lyrics thing was kinda recent too. It's in Miscalaneous towards the end (the 3rd page I think) and it's two pictures and they're like double pictures. One is lyrics on both sides and one is her on one side wearing a headband that you can kinda see in the background of the lyrics next to it (or something with the same pattern anyway so that might not prove anything). It looks like her handwriting right? But I don't know, it doesn't sound like her to me. Nashville and trucks on her 5th album after she just put out Red, her poppiest album yet, it's doubtful. But I'm hopeful because it'd be really cool to know something like that so early on. Before Red came out I had known about All too well for months because it suddenly popped up on one of her lists and I was hoping it would be on there (not just because it was the only song I knew about at the time but also because it sounded interesting and it was a Liz Rose co-write) and I was so excited when it was! And it's really good! It was the first one I listened to from the album after it leaked and before I got it (well after WANEGBT and the first four singles) and it's one of my favorites! Besides Begin again and Stay Stay Stay. I also remember thinking that the leaked tracklist was a joke because of the weird titles like 22 and Sad beautiful tragic and because I didn't believe she'd really put demos on there but I'm glad it was real because I really like those songs and it's really cool that she'd release demos! She probably did that because she knew we like to try to find them so that's nice of her although they don't sound that different. I also remember thinking that Red was a stupid title and being surprised that the people who thought it was going to be called Red shoes (because she tweeted a picture of a pair of new Red shoes that she got for her birthday while she was in the studio; that was the most rediculous rumor I'd ever heard aside from her being pregnant) weren't that far off. lol I just thought it didn't really have a message like the others like Taylor Swift taught me to be Fearless, Speak now and be Red? lol It just doesn't go with the others you know? I understood it better though after hearing her explain it (although is it just me or are not all the songs on Red red? haha I think she should've called it Jake lol) and it's grown on me I guess. I mean, at least the title song is strong enough to be a single but I hate how her title songs always get tour videos. I understand why, I just wish they had real ones and thag Speak now got one. That's why I like to make my own which I can do again now soon (how long do you think it takes to fix a computer by the way? It's been 6 days). I had such a good idea for a Speak now music video so I made an annimation for it. That's the only one I ever did that for (but I want to make one for Superman and Stay stay stay too and maybe Ours, I tried to make a little one with that song for my boyfriend for Valentine's day last year but the animation part came out horrible and I think I ended up using Mine) but I want to become an animator. I told you that, didn't I?
Reply Alyssa
2:05 AM on September 20, 2013 
Yeah, but they were just visiting. They didn't move there until April 2004. I'm not really sure why she sometimes says she was 13 but I'm going to add that to the blog I'm going to make which I've decided to call TSwiftfalsefacts. By the way, today when I was asking Taylor-swiftfacts about a fact I noticed that you asked her about the Elmo and soda facts. I just looked it up (did you know tickle me Elmo has it's own Wikipedia page? lol) and I guess tickle me Elmo came out in 1996 so it's possible if she was 6 and still liked Elmo. haha But I still can't remember where I saw it! And yeah, I found that probably almost a year ago and read (well skimmed, it was 3 in the morning and I'm a slow reader lol) the whole thing. It was so long! And the funny thing is I came upon it totally accidentally. I was googling something about her playing in a bar in New York in 2004 or something and that came up because the website was newyorkbar.com or something and it mentioned her and that year. But they meant bar in the legal way so it didn't have anything to do with what I was looking for but it definetly answered some questions I had about him at the time. Like I had always thought he became her manager in 2002 because she said he noticed her at the US tennis open (well the people there told him about her after the first time she performed there and before the second because she performed there twice) maybe I should add that misleading fact to my blog too) but people always said it was in April 2004 for some reason and I guess it was in March 2003 and they amended their agreement in April 2004. It also explained why he sued them because I never knew why. It had those exact dates (and her old adress) on their contract which I also found and posted part of on here. Her signiture at the time was really cute. I remember her saying that about her grandma so I guess she must've lived somewhere else at some point anyway and maybe she lived with them on the farm or not at all? I've never heard her talk about her grandfather. If you find that will you post it? Also have you ever heard about her getting a light tan guitar for her 14th birthday? You know, the one in the Andrew Orth pictures where she's on the train tracks? Someone told me that she got it for her 14th birthday and that they had seen a picture of her signing with RCA. Have you ever seen any pictures or articles about either of those things? Also, I heard once that I'd lie was about her English teacher's son. Have you heard that too? I've never been able to prove that so I think it's just a rumor (espessially because I think I might know who it's about and I don't think his mom or dad is an English teacher). Oh, and someone on TC recently said there was supposed to be a music video for Today was a fairytale and Taylor tweeted about it and everything but it never happened. Do you remember that? Because I don't. I just thought I'd ask while I was asking you all those other questions. haha I wonder about a lot of things sometimes like Who is Picture to burn about? Why do people think her first boyfriend's name was Brandon Borello? Who is Love Story about? And Mine? (the question I asked Taylor-Swiftfacts had to do with Mine because one of the facts was the exact day she wrote it so I asked her where she got it from because I know the one about the exact date she wrote The Outside was wrong) Did she ever get my gift and letter? Did she like them? Where did she get a shirt that says Garland elementary school spelling bee champ when she never went to a Garland elementary school? haha There's a lot but I know no one probably has the answers to those unless they know her or something. Oh and I thought of something else to ask you! Did you hear about the "leaked" lyrics that were supposedly posted on Taylor's secret tumblr (which I think she actually probably does have but I'm not sure she'd post something like that)? I posted them on here. They really do look like her handwriting but not like something she'd write to me and I don't know why she'd post them online when they could leak but supposedly her headband is in the background of the pictures and I looked up the URL she usually uses for her personal accounts (like her old photobucket and a private myspace and Facebook she used to use) and there really is a tumblr by that name that you need a password for which makes me think she does have one and I heard her mom told someone that anyway and the person who supposedly found it said they found it among recipies and cat pictures which sounds like her but anyone could just make something up. Do you think they could be real? Look at the picture first, if you haven't seen it. I know the odds are against it but I'm really hoping it's something that'll be on her next album and it was dated the night I went to see her! :) -Alyssa
Reply TaylorSwiftFan3994
9:46 PM on September 18, 2013 
So in the Rolling Stone article Andrea said, "We were in Nashville when she passed away, and it was a surreal moment, because I knew we were doing what she wanted us to do. There was a kind of passing of the torch." Taylor mentioned in another interview that when Robert was in hospital dying of cancer it was just before they moved to Nashville and she would bring in her guitar and play for him. I'll find thje article later. Hey, did you see the copy of the lawsuit Daniel Dymtrow vs. Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records, Scott and Andrea Swift? There's a link to the full lawsuit on wikipedia. Sorry about that, I have been really into themed rooms, so I make photobuckets for those as well. I eventually want to save all my Taylor young years pictures on there. You're probably right about the songs, we've probably just guess the titles, and hence the confusion. YES!!!! I am so sick of hearing that Jonathan Swift story, I know! Yeah, sorry, it was Robert's obituary Park Side Drive South is located in Wyomissing Park. There was another article where Taylor mentioned that Marjorie would have these big parties out her house (as in Marjorie's house) and she was saying about how she was always this star ebcause she had this "it" factor. I think you're right they lived with Taylor's family when Taylor was younger maybe.

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