Birthdays Birthdays 182004167 Taylor with her mom on her 1st birthday 181900820 Taylor with her grandma Taylor with her late grandmother opera singer Marjorie Finlay. It looks like it may have been on one of her birthdays (they're eating cake off Pocahontas themed plates lol) although I'm not sure which one. If I had to guess I'd say it looks like she's turning 4 or 5. 152252032 Taylor's 9th birthday Taylor with her mom on her 9th birthday. 180674284 Birthday party? Taylor on what looks like her tour bus when she was 16. It looks like it was someone's birthday because of the balloons, not sure whose. I've seen another picture that looks like it's from this day but I can't discern anything from it because it's so cropped and low quality. 177923100 Birthday hat Taylor wearing a hat made of birthday candles on her head on or around her 17th birthday. 155431362 Taylor with a birthday cake Taylor posing with a birthday cake they gave to her at a radio station for her 17th birthday. 154677969 Dora cake Taylor and Emily lighting the candles on a Dora the explorer cake. I'm not sure who's birthday it was for but I don't believe it was hers because to me it looks like she was already 17 but not 18 if that makes sense. Maybe it was for Emily. 154922926 Dora cake 2 Another shot of Taylor and Emily with the Dora cake. 158817291 Taylor blowing out her candles Taylor blowing out the candles on her 18th birthday cake. 155397744 Surprise birthday cake Taylor being surprised with a cake for her 19th birthday. 154922921 Surprise birthday cake again Another shot of Taylor with her surprise birthday cake. 154922927 Austin's birthday Another shot of Taylor spraying Austin with silly string at his 17th birthday party in 2009. 154922923 Austin's birthday 2 Taylor's band joining in on the silly stringing at Austin's birthday party in 2009. 154922924 Austin's birthday 3 Austin blowing out his birthday candles on his 17th birthday paty. 158555304 22 Taylor with a friend on her 22nd bithday. It's the only picture I have from that night. 179200735 23 Taylor on her 23rd birthday. 197300690 23rd birthday cupcake Taylor getting a 23rd birthday cupcake during the premiere of the I knew you were trouble music video which premiered on her birthday. 197353183 Taylor's 24th birthday party Taylor with her friends and band mates at her 24th birthday party. It was rose-garden themed, in Australia (because she had a show there that night) and she invited her new friend Lorde. 197654828 Taylor and Austin on Taylor's 25th birthday Taylor and Austin at Taylor's 25th birthday party. 196783161 Taylor's 25th birthday party Taylor and all her friends at her 25th birthday party. 196783160 25th Scott Borchetta tweeted this photo on Taylor's birthday. 198820029 201258876 201258880 201417983 204335417