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20 years old
About Me

I'm 14, and I obviously love Taylor Swift! I'm looking to get into trading rare songs :)

23 years old



Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
21 years old
About Me

I'm Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, the only daughter/child of Heinz and Charlene Doofenshmirtz. I'm sarcastic, mild-mannered, cynical, and dresses in a goth style. I'm aware that my father is an evil scientist and I know about my father's nemesis, Perry the Platypus. I am often exasperated by my father whenever he tries to establish a "father-daughter" bond between us as he doesn't really understand my interests or refuses to acknowledge that I am growing up, and he often assumes that I am also interested in "evil." I often try to convince her mom that my dad is an "evil scientist" but I ultimately always fail when I do appear trying to catch him in the act, much to my dismay. I do, however, occasionally show appreciation for what he does for me, as he is clearly devoted to me (he once taught me how to drive and he traveled halfway around the world after I got lost). Also, despite denying it so many times, I admit that I may be a little evil, as I once helped my father escape from custody by posing my hairdryer as a pistol to fool Major Monogram and Perry into releasing my dad. Although Ferb has a crush on me, I remain oblivious to his affections as I already had a punk boyfriend named "Johnny", whom I later broke up. I am now in a relationship with Monty Monogram, the son of Major Monogram.


23 years old
About Me

I am a fun talkative, energetic, funny girl that makes a great friend :)


I also like country artists like Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert


About Me

Love Taylor <3

22 years old
About Me

My name is Grace! I joined RareTaylorSwift because Alyssa has been incredibly helpful in adding more and more interesting information to my blog, Taylor-SwiftFacts. I also often stumble upon things that I thought, instead of sending Alyssa endless amounts of links, I should just post to the site myself. Message me anytime! :)


About Me

I want to start by saying hi and thanks for visiting!!!I also just wanted to thank Taylor because she has inspired me and is a great singer and inspiration to keep following my dreams!!!!!!! I am also home-schooled....my mom is my teacher!!! :))) The taylor stands for Taylor Swift,the 13 stands for her "lucky number" and her birthday, and the 1989 is for the year she was born:))))I am also a songwriter, singer, babysitter, papergirl, I make movies, take pictures,and much more! Even though I'm always busy with school and stuff I always make time for the person who inspired me to do everything...Taylor swift! Thanks Taylor! I have played instruments my whole life! I play tin whistle/flute, violin/fiddle, piano,ukalali, guitar, and soooo many more! I have never had a single lesson with any of them!!! I know how to play tons of complicated songs! I learn by ear! Please give me some tips on how to make my account better!!!!!! THANKS!!! 

My songbook

1. My Heart is the Ocean

2. Sky Scraper

3. Confidence



6.Ordinary Girl


8.Love at First Sight

9. Soul Surfer

10. It Herts

11. Fearless Hand

12. The Bad Side of Me

13. Only You Can Be You

14. Sparks Fly

15. Actress

16. Another Side of Me

17. It's not always Easy

18.Both Sides

19.Forbidden Love

20. Livin the Dream

21. My one and only

22. My Dream

23. Dear my Lovely

24. The Best Day

25. My World

26. Your Last Chance

27. Your Only Chance

28. The Clock's Ticki'n Down

29. Field Trip of Love

30.Don't Like[/color][/font][/color]

I have a lot more but I'm gonna keep it at 30!! I've written almost 100 songs! I'm writing more everyday so I might have already hit 100! I don't always write about things that have happened! Just things that pop into my head that could happen

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About Me

52 years old
About Me

20 years old
About Me
Hey I'm only 13 and have no songs to trade, but I will pay instead xx

Nancie Lyons
62 years old

About Me

Rare songs I have:

All Night Diner (A)

Angelina (A)

Beautiful Eyes (Stripped)

Being With My Baby (A & S)

Better Off (S)

Brand New World (A)

Brought Up That Way (S)

By the Way (A)

Check Out This View (A)

Closest to a Cowboy (A)

Cross My Heart (A)

Dark Blue Tennessee (S&P)

Diary Of Me (S)

Didn't They (A)

Don't Hate Me For Loving You (A)

Down Came the Rain

Enchanted (Abbey Road Studios)

Fall Back On You (A)

Fall Into Me (live with Emerson Drive)

Fearless (Abbey Road Studios)

Firefly (A)

For You (A)


Grease (clip)

Gunpowder and Lead (live cover Miranda Lambert)

Hero/Heroine (A)

Hold On (ft. Jack Ingram)

Honey Baby (S)

I Know What I Want (S)

I Wished On a Plane (A)

I'm Every Woman (S)

In the Pouring Rain (A)

I Used to Fly

Just South Of Knowing Why (S)

Leavin' (live cover)

Live For the Little Things (A)

Long Time Coming (S)

Look At You Like That (A)

Love (A)

Love Story (Abbey Road Studios)

Love They Haven't Thought Of Yet (A)

Love to Lose (acoustic)

Lucky You (demo 2)

Made Up You

Making Up For Lost Love


Matches (A)

Me and Britney

Mine (BBC Radio 2)

My Cure (S&A)

My Turn to Be Me

Need You Now (S)

Never Fade

Never Mind (country & pop)

One Thing (S)

Our Last Night (Santa Monica)-not the version on youtube

Perfect Have I Loved (A)

Permanent Marker (live 2)

Permanent Marker (S)

Picture to Burn (Stripped)

Point Of View

Rain Song (A)


Same Girl

Songs About You (S)

Speak Now (BBC Radio 2)

Spinning Around

Story of Us (BBC Radio 1)

Stupid Boy (A)


Sweet Tea and God's Graces (A&S)

Someone Loves You (clip)

Tell Me (A&S)

Ten Dollars and a Six Pack (A)


That's Life

That's When

The Best Day (All For the Hall Los Angeles)

The Middle (live)

Thinkin' Bout You (P)

Thirteen Blocks (Can't Call It Love) (S)

This Here Guitar

This Is Really Happening (S)

Til Brad Pitt Comes Along (A)

Tonight (clip)

Two Steps Behind (live w/ Def Leppard)

Under My Head

Wait For Me

Welcome Distraction

We Were Happy (S)

What Do You Say (S)

When You Think Tim McGraw (piano demo)

Welcome Distraction

White Blank Page (BBC Radio 1)

Who I've Always Been (S)

You Belong With Me (Studio 330 Sessions)

You Do (A)

Your Face (S)


Album demos:

A Perfectly Good Heart (demo)

A Place In This World (demo)

Beautiful Eyes (demo)

Breathe (demo)

Christmases When You Were Mine (demo)

Cold As You (demo 2)

Come In With the Rain (demo)

Crazier (alt)

Crazier (demo)

Fearless (acoustic demo)

I Heart ? (demo)

I'm Only Me When I'm With You (demo)

Invisible (demo)

Invisible (live demo)

Mary's Song (live demo)

Oh My My My (demo)

Our Song (demo)

Picture to Burn (demo)

Superstar (A&S demo)

Teardrops On My Guitar (no Drew)

The Outside (demo)

Tim McGraw (acoustic demo)

Untouchable (acoustic)

White Horse (Grey's Anatomy)


Unreleased or live but not rare songs:

Your Anything

Mine (live CMA)

Your Face (live)

American Girl

Nothin' Bout You

When Love and Hate Collide (live w/ Def Leppard)

Lose Yourself (live)

Run (live)

Drive (live)

Irreplaceable (live)

Take a Bow (live)

You Don't Have to Call

Electric Barnyard Jingle

I'd Lie

I'd Lie (live)

Somebody Like You (live w/ Keith Urban)

Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

Welcome Back Grunwald Song

Our Last Night (acoustic)

SNL Monologue Song (live)

Lucky You

Smokey Black Nights

American Boy

Here You Come Again

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Am I Ready For Love

Can I Go With You

One Way Ticket

There's Your Trouble

Star Spangled Banner

Picture to Burn (alternate)

Missing You (live w/ Tyler Hilton)

Permanent Marker (live)

We're Just Two Cowgirls

What to Wear

Sparks Fly (live)

Innocent (live)

Should've Said No (ACM Performance)

Fearless (live on Ellen)

Love Story (rock version) -different than the MMI2 TS version

Change (ACM Performance)

Picture to Burn (acoustic live)

What goes Around (live)


I'm Looking For:

Smokey Black Nights (Mr. Mig Mix)

Ten Dollars and a Six Pack (studio)


28 years old
About Me
Hi! My name is Anthony :) I met Taylor August 18th, 2014.

Twitter: @oldbootsnewdirt

[email protected]
28 years old

25 years old
About Me

my  name is rebecca and swiftie est. april 12, 2009

taylor commented on my instagram april 24, 2014 at 11:55 PM 

i ship sweeran as friends, as buddies, as bffs, as besties, as lovers, as songwriters, as professionals, as everything and basically i ship sweeran.

find me on instagram (@simplyswiftie) or twitter (@simplysweeran)

25 years old
About Me

Ronn Roden
53 years old
About Me

I am a big Taylor Swift fan.  I live in Lancaster County, just below her home town of Wyomissing PA!! I got to see her in Philadelphia in concert July 13 2018 !! I died!  follow me on twitter.  STEELERRONN 

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