Scans Scans Annie article I believe this is from Annie (the first play she was in in her theater group in 1999 when she was only 9!) but I can't really tell because the picture at the top got cut off. 184232495 Grease article An article about Taylor playing Sandy in a community theater performance of Grease when she was 10. 152187234 National poetry contest article An article about Taylor winning a national poetry contest that was published in her local newspaper The Reading Eagle. I guess she was in fifth grade (age 11) when she won it, not fourth like she always said. Weird how so many things she says about her past are a year off. haha 178839989 Old performance article An article about a performance she did when she was 11, about to turn 12. She sang a song by LeeAnn Rimes and some songs from The sound of music while accompanied by a chorus. 167017983 National anthem article An article from 2002 about how Taylor sang the national anthem at the 76er's game when she was 12. It's funny how she always says she was 11 but it was on April 5th 2002 when she was actually 12. It talks about how she thought her brother was playing an April fools day prank on her when he told her she was picked to do it and how her, her parents, her brother and his friend all left right after she got home from school and got there just in time for her to sound check and they gave them all duffel bags full of 76er's merch. It was really interesting to read about and hear what she had to say back then. It also said that she had just gone to Nashville with her demo CD at the end of the last month which I thought was interesting too because she always said she was 11 when she did that too (and they even said she could play electric guitar at the time which I didn't know, I think it was a typo) but maybe it was another trip after she added her own songs to it. 167577869 Hitting a high note part 1 The first part of an article from August 2002 about Taylor being invited to sing the national anthem at the US tennis open. 172331256 Hitting a high note part 2 The second part of an article about Taylor singing at the US tennis open in 2002. 172331257 Orthodontist article An article about Taylor and two other girls who lived near her in Pa written by their othodontist. It was written when she was 13 even though she's only like 10 in the picture. One of the other girls, Laschette, was in community theater with her. She's in a picture with her in Childhood photos where they're rehearsing for a play. 167577861 Signing with BMI An article about her signing with BMI in March 2004 right before moving to Nashville. 178840139 Abercrombie and Fitch An article in Abercrombie and fitch's A&F magazine (fall 2004) about Taylor when she was 14 right before she moved to Tennessee (the same month, April 2004). She was featured in it as one of about 28 rising stars. The picture was taken at a ranch or something in California which Taylor liked because Shania Twain filmed one of her music videos there. 178840019 Moving swiftly toward stardom 1 The first part of a Reading Eagle article from the summer of 2004 about Taylor moving to Nashville. 178839995 Moving swiftly toward stardom 2 The second part of the same article as above from summer 2004 about Taylor moving to Nashville. 178839986 No longer an outsider close up A close up of the picture from the No longer an outsider article about her which was written in August 2004 after The outside was featured on the Maybellene Chicks with attitude CD sampler in July of that year. It also mentions how she was featured in that month's issue of Vanity fair. It was just the same picture and article as the Abercrombie and fitch catolouge though. 152187230 No longer an outsider part 1 The first half of an article about Taylor (published in a New Jersey newspaper) writing The Outside about being an Outsider at school and how it was included on Maybelene's Chicks with attitude sampler CD. They referred to it as the Outsider which I first thought was just a mistake but then I noticed in another article from a different newspaper (the Reading Eagle article above) from the same time (the same month actually) that they also called it that so I think that actually used to be the title. Also, they make it seem like the article was written in January of that year but I think it was actually written the year before because I remember reading in the April 2010 issue of Elle that she was on the cover of that The best day was written about that same thing (when she asked all her friends if they wanted to go to the mall and they all said they were busy but then she saw them all there together so her mom took her to a better mall like a hour away) and it said she was 13 when that happened (which she also says in the song) and I believe that it was in January too. So I think it was January 2003 that she wrote it, not January 2004 which makes sense since she always says she was 12 when she wrote it and she would've just turned 13 at the time (which is probably why she says "I'm 13 now"). The video they show from that time of her playing a new song is even dated January 2003 so I always wondered if that's what she was actually playing but I can't tell because I can't read lips. Plus it just seems like too short of a time period anyway to have written the song, recorded it, found out about the Maybellene CD, submitted it, found out it was chosen and recorded it again for the CD (the first version they recorded was acoustic according to the article) since it says on the back of the CD that it was recorded in February. 170102126 No longer an outsider part 2 The second half of the No longer an outsider article. 170102127 Local rising star article An article about Taylor being featured in A&F magazine (and on the walls of all their stores nationwide at the time) as one of Abercrombie and Fitch's rising stars in the fall of 2004. 178839987 The kids are alright A Wood and steel article about Taylor when she was 14 with a picture (from The Biter sweet end) and a blurb about how she learned to play guitar. 170408650 ABC article An article written about Taylor the night she performed at the Bluebird cafe. 165690134 A picture of Taylor from an article A picture of Taylor performing with a blurb underneath from the ABC article. 152187223 Wood and Steel An old article from 2005 about Taylor playing at the NAMM show. 152187218 179497816 Sony article part 1 An article about Taylor signing with Sony. (sorry about the way the picture's cut off, I'll post the whole picture under big events) 152187233 Sony article part 2 The second part of an article about Taylor signing with Sony. 152187232 Billboard article An article about Taylor when she was with Sony. 152187222 Signing her record deal A thing from Taylor's old website about her signing her record deal with Big Machine in 2005. 170506184 Life in the swift lane 1 An article from when Taylor was in that video about her record label when it first came out. It was written by the person who was following her around and interviewing her all day that day and how they spent the day with her at school and then drove with her to sign her record deal on August 31st 2005. The article was from May 2006 though I think. Sorry I couldn't fit it all in one picture, it was long! 176061673 Life in the swift lane 2 176061674 Life in the swift lane 3 176061675 Life in the swift lane 4 176061676 Life in the swift lane 5 176061677 Searay article An article about Taylor and her family from a boating magazine in 2006. 152187237 181516489 181321174 Another Sea ray article A short article in another issue of Sea ray living (Fall 2006) that talks about Taylor and Danielle Peck's albums coming out. 173846024 Another sea ray article 2 An article about Aquapalooza from the same issue of Sea ray living as the article above. I cropped it so it's just the part where Taylor talks about performing there. 186674654 Another sea ray article 3 Another part of the same article that mentions how Taylor helped the kid who won the signed guitar by her learn how to play it. I also have pictures of that in the Rare pictures album. 186674655 2006 article An article about Taylor from when she first came out in 2006. 178839994 Another article about Taylor An article about Taylor when she first came out. 152187236 Country weekly Christmas article A country weekly article from December 2006 about how Taylor spends Christmas. 177923091 Aquapalooza 2007 Taylor performing at Aquapalooza 2007 when she was 17. 166714240 Facts list A list of fun facts about Taylor from a December/January 2007 issue of a magazine I think. It mentions celebrity crushes and things like that. 177923092 177177747 Beautiful eyes info A blurb in a magazine (I think it was J14) about when Taylor wrote Beautiful eyes. 155564592 All too well article An article about what Taylor wrote All too well about. 176906151 Just a swift passing An article from 2008 about how some of Taylor's former classmates and teachers remembered her. This is what the article looked like as a whole but I also posted the article in pieces so you could actually read it. 179200723 Just a Swift passing article part 1 183952544 Just a Swift passing article part 2 183952545 Just a Swift passing article part 3 183952546 Just a Swift passing article part 4 183952547 Just a Swift passing article part 5 183952540 Mine info? A scan from a book I have about her that talks about her almost dating a fan she met while signing autographs at a college. I was thinking that might've been the guy she wrote Mine about because she says in the song he was in college and it seemed like it wasn't someone who was famous that she didn't actually date but almost dated. It seemed like it was probably around the time she wrote it too because I'm guessing if they were sitting by the water then it was probably summer or around that time at least and I figure this was in 2009 because summer 2008 would've been too early since she wasn't writing for Speak now yet at that time and she was dating Joe then anyway and summer 2010 would've been too late since she was pretty much done with the album by then and the song was already about to come out. Also, it seems like it would've been the perfect time for her to be checking out colleges in the Nashville area with Austin which I think she did at that time. She must've been on a break from the Fearless tour or just happened to be there for a few days or something. She gave him her number so maybe she went on like one date with him or something and he put his arm around her but then she realized it probably wasn't a good time to date and she didn't really know him so she decided not to date him but wrote a song about it anyway because she was tired of running away from love. A lot of people think it's about Cory Montieth but it was a little later that she was hanging out with him (and therefore probably a little too late to have written it about him) but I honestly think they were just friends and he's famous anyway so he obviously wasn't in college working part time waiting tables. lol 174821795 2010 Searay living article A 2010 Sea ray living article that was looking back on how far Taylor's come since 2006 when she was on their cover. It has another picture of Taylor and her family from the same photoshoot as the 2006 cover shot. 177923093 177177748 181321170 181321171 181321172 181321173 181516488 181516490 183810066 183810067 183810068 Guitar info A blurb about the guitar she learned to play on. I guess it was Ronnie's (the guy who taught her how to play), not hers so years later her dad tracked him down and bought it from him so she could keep it. 172597985 183810069 180674296 180674297 180674298 180674299 180674300 184232496 184232905 184232910 184232911 184232912 184232913 184232920 184232921 184232930 184232931 184232932 184233039 Taylor was the opening act. Taylor opened for Diamond Rio, Tammy Cochran, Trace Atkins, and Darryl Worley on October 6th, 2002. At the WIOV Radio Music Fest (17,000 attend.) 184366294 The Bluebird Cafe Schedule This is the schedule for the night that Taylor was discovered. I found it in an archive. 184367420 Taylor talking about her grandpa Taylor talking about playing for her grandpa before he died. It's longer but this was the only rare part. 184693946 Abigail article 1 185634176 Abigail article 2 185634177 Abigail article 3 185634178 Abigail article 4 185634179 Abigail article 5 185634180 Abigail article 6 185634181 Abigail article 7 185634182 Abigail article 8 185634183 Abigail article 9 185634184 Teen spirit 1 185962994 Teen spirit 2 185962995 Teen spirit 3 185962996 Teen spirit 4 Part of an article about Taylor from the October 2008 issue of Whirl magazine. In this part it mentions that she once wrote a song called Beautiful day about her two best friends who were dating. It also says she wrote a song about Subway because of how much she liked their sandwiches lol and mentions two other clips, one of her singing in front of a Christmas tree that I think was in the Best day music video and a clip where the cat starts licking her fingers while she was playing Smokey black nights. I think I've actually seen that clip as well (I've seen two like that actually but they're probably talking about the one where she was younger). I only noticed the cat because I remember her mentioning it once. I had been watching them for a few years before I even noticed. haha There's no sound to it but now I know she was probably sing Smokey black nights. And who knows? Maybe we have the clip of Beautiful day too and we just don't know because there's no sound. 185962997 Teen spirit 5 185962998 Teen spirit 6 185962999 Teen spirit 7 185963000 186365314 188354349 189571821 197587112 197587113 197587114 197587115 197587116 197587117 197587118 197587119 197587120 197587121 197587122 197587123 197587125 197587126 197587127 197587128 197587129 197587131 197587132 197587133 197587134 197587135 197587136 197587137 197587138 197587139 197587140 197587141 197587142 197587143 197587144 Speedway part 1 Finally I found the Sea ray living article again that mentions Kid in the crowd and Tied together with a smile! It was written the day Taylor signed with Big Machine records (although not released until 2006. It was in the spring 2006 issue. I thought it was in another issue because I've seen the article and pictures from that issue and this article wasn't part of that but I guess the other part I found on just wasn't the whole thing. I was actually about to buy the winter 2005 issue hoping it would be in there but decided to look in their website archives one last time just in case and I found it! Good thing I didn't buy that other issue because she wasn't in it! 197611985 Speedway part 2 Part two of the speedway article. This is the part that mentions Tied together with a smile the above part mentions Kid in the crowd. It's from the spring 2006 issue of Searay living, a part no one has been able to find in a while. I've been looking for it for so long, I'm so glad I finally found it! 197611986 197587150 197587151 188331964 188180425 197838780 188331967 197838781 188331969 197838782 194254834 197838783 194254835 197838784 194255039 197838785 197654573 197838786 197654574 197838787 197771777 197838796 197771781 197838797 197771782 197838798 197771783 197838799 197771784 197771787 197772112 197772113 197772114 197772115 197772116 197772117 197772118 197772119 197772120 201417893 201417894 201258845 201258863 201258901 201258903 201258904 201258905 201418165 201418166 201418167 201418168 201418169 201418170 201418171 Taylor at 76ers game article I know it's already posted this, but I found it interesting put the photo of the newspaper where is that article. 203075637 203563429 203563431 203563432 203563433 203563434 203563435 203563536 203563537 203563538 203563545 203563546 203563547 203563548 203563549 203563550 203563551 203563552 203563553 203563554 203563555 203563556 203563557 203563559 203563560 203563561 203563562 203563563 203563564 203563565 203563566 203563567 203563568 203563569 203563570 203563571 203563572 203563574 203563575 203563576 203563577 203563578 202342480 203020422 203292580 203020423 203563455 203563456 203563458 203563459 203563617 204335411